Netflix’s Scary Horror Series List

We all need that one thing that will leave your adrenaline pumping. Well, we can always count on Netflix to always keep our hearts pumping.

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Here are some of the horror series choices that you can enjoy on Netflix right now.


The Legend of Dracula always lives us with chills. Especially, if you follow all of the different variations to the vampire story. 

 If you loved Hugh Jackman’s Van Helsing movie. Then this series will definitely hit the spot for you. The series focuses on the rivalry between Count Dracula and Van Helsing.


This another great variation of the Dracula story on Netflix right now. Instead of one vampire hunter, as in Dracula, there are three hunters to give triple action.

The animation comes from video game variations. But, just because it is a cartoon does not mean that the action is any less. It even makes the graphics more detailed and more gruesome.


Lucifer has been quite a hit on Netflix. The series is currently on season five but the fans are already asking if there is going to be a 6th season.

The series has a dark comical way of bringing out the devil. Not only is he a night club owner, but he is also a crime detective who helps the LAPD solve cases.

American Horror Story

The name itself gives you an idea of what we are talking about. The unique part is that you will get to watch the same cast play different roles in the different horror stories being told at that time. Did you know some top online casinos offer horror-themed online slots? 

It looks at the different horror stories from the different parts of America. Meaning, it is not only based on one setting or one story. Hence, you will have even more stories to enjoy.

The series may seem more entertaining than it is scary. But those scary parts will definitely give you all the chills you need to keep the adrenaline pumping once in a while.

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