Lawful Evil #1 Review: Loaded With Potential

Every superhero has at least one supervillain who is constantly trying to create trouble. It’s worse if the supervillain wants to sleep with the superhero. Comic creators Ra’Chaun Rogers and Ashley Hurwitz created a comic with that in mind called “Lawful Evil” with artists Joyce Mureria, Anthony Pugh and Antonio Ortega.

Superhero Night Spider’s recent luck has been terrible. Nobody takes him seriously anymore, his girlfriend doesn’t love him anymore and his arch nemesis is a succubus who just want to have sex with everyone and kill them. A recent turn of events causes Night Spider and the succubus to become an unlikely pair that might help turn Night Spider’s life around.

It’s a crazy plot that seems like it could work. The succubus acts like what you’d expect a succubus should act and Night Spider does come off as an easy target for succubae. His life seems like a whirlwind of hell that rivals that of 1990’s “Marvel” comics stories. It should be interesting to see how this unfolds. Just be ready to see lots of nudity and sex.

Of course, this plot can backfire and take the logical route that ends up predictable. If Rogers and Hurwitz can avoid that pitfall this story may be interesting.

The art takes many ques from 1990’s superhero artwork. The males are all buff and the women have these amazing bodies that can turn anyone into a pervert. There are some instances of panels not following logical progression and all involve nudity. There are panels where a character or characters would be completely nude and then the next panels they have some clothes on. It’s not like some time passed and they just put clothes on, they just go from nude to magically wearing something the next panel without rhyme or reason.

“Lawful Evil” has an interesting plot that can be turned into something amazing or it can become cliché depending on where the creators decide to take it. The artwork is a nice homage to the 1990’s superhero comics despite a minor hiccup.

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