Things are heating up with the World Warriors and now it’s time for some fun in the sun with the STREET FIGHTER 2020 SWIMSUIT SPECIAL #1! Everyone from Chun-Li to M.Bison hits the sand in their favorite swimwear, illustrated by a cavalcade of the top artists of UDON and talented newcomers!
Holy Matrimony! The UDON Store is thrilled to offer online-exclusive covers of this fan-favorite issue! The Cammy Bride cover is illustrated by Rob “Robaato” Porter, following up on last year’s popular Chun-Li Bride cover. Also dreaming of a summer wedding, the Groom Ryu cover, illustrated by Absolum, will be joining the wedding party. Both matrimonial covers will also be available as sinister dark forms  – Shadaloo Bride Cammy and Groom Evil Ryu. Sales of these dark form covers will be strictly limited to 100 copies each.
Stunning direct market covers for the special include CVR A, starring Poison by Adam Warren (Empowered), and CVR B, featuring Juri & Cammy by Jonboy Meyers (Teen Titans, Inhumans/Royals). Additionally, a retailer incentive cover showcases mermaid Chun-Li painted by Genzoman in a landscape format. A blank sketch cover will also be available for fans looking to create their own summertime fun! 
STREET FIGHTER 2020 SWIMSUIT SPECIAL #1 is available now for pre-order through the UDON Store and will be released August 19, 2020. Direct market covers are available for pre-order in the June 2020 Previews Catalog. 

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