The Bestselling Beauty of Horror Coloring Book Series Expands in 2020 with New Books and Merchandise

Unleash Your Creepy Creativity with a New Coloring Book,
Guided Journal, and Tarot Set from Art Sensation Alan Robert

IDW Publishing (OTCQX: IDWM) joins hard rocking horror aficionado Alan Robert, creator of the horror coloring book phenomenon The Beauty of Horror (and bassist/songwriter for the legendary metal band Life of Agony), to announce the expansion of his bestselling book series in 2020 with a variety of new products, guaranteed to unleash your inner artist (or, perhaps, a possessing spirit).
In addition to the highly-anticipated return of the full-size coloring book series with The Beauty of Horror 4: Creature Feature, this year will see the debut of Beauty of Horror Tarot Decks, as well as The Beauty of Horror: Haunt This Journal, the perfect logbook to keep track of your innermost thoughts and devilish desires!
There have never been as many frighteningly entertaining boredom busters for Beauty of Horror fans!

“Four years ago, on April Fool’s Day 2016, I pitched IDW this crazy idea to make the ultimate adult coloring book for horror fans. They ended up giving me the quickest yes to a project I had ever received,” says creator Alan Robert. “When I got the green light just 20 minutes later, I had to circle back to make sure they were serious, because after all it was April Fool’s Day and I thought they were probably just messing with me. It’s hard to believe how far this title has come since then… and I know it is just the beginning.”
“Readers and fans have responded so incredibly to Beauty of Horror, helping it remain a haunting presence at the front of the coloring book pack,” says series editor Justin Eisinger. “For a long time, we’ve discussed ways to expand the line and engage new audiences, and now with this range of products we’re able to do exactly that.”
With the exciting new Beauty of Horror developments outlined below, now’s the perfect time to experience what GQ calls “an extraordinary collection of deeply unsettling images,” and The Wall Street Journal calls “scary fun!”

The Beauty of Horror 4: Creature Feature Coloring Book

Ghouliana and friends take a stab at making their own monster movies in Volume 4 of the bestselling coloring book series! Follow her gang of zombies, werewolves, vampires, and other undead pals as they recreate some of the scariest screams to ever hit the silver screen. While they’re busy paying homage to their favorite frights through pages and pages of intricate, hand-drawn designs, be on the lookout for all of the iconic horror props they’ve dropped along the way. The Beauty of Horror 4: Creature Feature is back to the original size (10″ x 10″) and double-sided format that fans love!

The Beauty of Horror 4: Creature Feature Coloring Book
by Alan Robert
ISBN 978-1-68405-708-5
$16.99 US / $22.99 CAN
88-page, black-and-white square-bound softcover
10” x 10″

On-Sale: 9/8/20

The Beauty of Horror: Haunt This Journal

They say there is nothing more frightening than the blank page… and up until now, they’d probably be right! Consider this guided journal as a companion to the hit adult coloring book series The Beauty of Horror, and this time around, bestselling creator Alan Robert encourages you to color outside the lines. Follow ghastly fan-favorite Ghouliana on a macabre descent into madness as she prompts and pokes your every move. Abide her direction… or else she may seek her revenge! The Beauty of Horror: Haunt This Journal will get you in the spirit to rip up, tear out, and unleash your creativity in ways you’ve never dreamed of.

The Beauty of Horror: Haunt This Journal
by Alan Robert
ISBN 978-1-68405-756-6
$14.99 US / $19.99 CAN
224-page, black-and-white square-bound softcover
5.5″ x 8″

On-Sale: 9/29/20

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