Nothing Podcast Episode 31: The Black Experience – “Sweet, Sweetback’s Badasssss Song”

In light of the murder of George Floyd and the state of civil unrest throughout the country, The Nobody’s thought it was important to pull back the vail on what, at any other time, would have been considered a “controversial topic”, the black experience in America. The protests and movements we’re seeing are a result of years of injustice and one of the ways change starts is by talking about it. John, Frank and Danielle sat down with Youtube host and Blacksploitation film reviewer, Kayode Howard, live on Facebook to talk about what’s happening in America today and how citizens of all creeds and colors can help the movement forward. 

Video of this weeks episode can be found on our Youtube page and Kayode can be found on Youtube and Instagram at his company, Scriptly Adapted Entertainment (@scriptlyadapted) and @KayodeLHoward

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