The Refusers – Freedom Fighter Album Review: Wild, Rockin’ Riffs

Rock and roll is the music of rebels. Punk Rock, Heavy Metal and nearly every rock subgenre have gone to war against oppression and tyranny to fight in the name of free-thinking and individuality. In these uncertain times, it can be inspiring to hear music that echoes our primal cry for freedom and purpose to keep our spirits high. This is the foundation upon which “Freedom Fighter”, the latest album by The Refusers, is built. Using robust instrumentals and face-melting guitar work Freedom Fighter proves to be a fun ride for those looking to headbang.

Lyrically, the message of the album is one of rebellion and free thinking. This is evidenced in the track “Clown Show.” The low, reverb-laced vocals create a muddy and eerie tone when combined with the raspy voice underneath, which is propped up by some excellent guitar work. Each track has a face-melting guitar solo and “Clown Show” is no different, as it will leave your head banging even as it begins to fade out with the end of the track. The lyrics speak to today, but more from a critical aspect comparing entities such as Wall Street as “Bozos” in a “Clown Show,” when the “stock market is on shaky ground.” While a relevant message, it is mostly a track whose aim is to poke fun of the perceived mismanagement the artist sees in the world today, without touching on the more ugly effects it has on our lives.

Each track on Freedom Fighter has its own personality. There are so many styles and inspirations at work here that listening to the album feels like a ride for your ears. “Shame On You” shows off this aspect very well, with a beat that has a swing that will leave your head bobbing. The slappin’ bass is groovy and guitar thrashes as it swings alongside it. The amount of instrumental surprises in this track will leave you smiling and gives it an unpredictable personality, which makes it easy to listen to multiple times. The track is a fun one with an in-your-face attitude and some wailing guitar solos that rock hard.

Overall the latest album by The Refusers is a fun one. Each track is unique and brings its own flavor to the album while not deviating from any of its focus. The many instrumental surprises on a great deal of the tracks will make you want to listen to them again when you stumble upon new ones, giving the album a catchy quality that is hard to ignore. Overall, Freedom Fighter proves to be a roller coaster of an album that any rock fan should give a listen to.

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