Doom Eternal: Eternally Thankful For This Sequel

Bethesda is at it again with this demonically enhanced sequel to one of 2020’s best shooters so far. It combines the best of everything its predecessor started and builds its core gameplay into something the surpasses it in every way.  From its 15 plus hour single story campaign to its frenetic fast-paced shooting, Doom Eternal is the perfect sequel and one that truly meets fanboy expectations hands in every way. 

The Pros

From the start, the game hits the ground running as players once again assume the role of Doomguy as he slays the demonic forces of hell that invade earth.  Players have nearly twice the amount of arsenal at their disposal,  including Full weapon upgrades and chainsaws that cleave demons in two like a knife cutting through butter. But the true highlight here is the Crucible Blade, a high powered energy sword that can cause massive destruction to multiple enemies at once. 

Doom Eternal promotes a lot of melee combat in its constant progression. But now, rather than simple enemy onslaught, this sequel requires players to think in terms of weak spots and tactics to take down hell’s spawn. The super shotgun is a gory weapon to behold with its meat hook attachment and such touches really vamp up the core gameplay. Enemies are also much more varied this time around, with many of post-apocalyptic earth being littered with new demons and some classic ones as well. 

The graphics are presented in beautiful 4K display that never lag at 60 FPS, something that it’s 2016 predecessor struggled with at times. Everything from its visuals, to assortment of weapons, to its comical trophy achievements help keep this sequel fresh during its single player campaign. Evan the Flame Belc, a chaotic flame thrower is joyous to behold as you tear down enemies at breathtaking speeds. This is truly a great sequel worthy of series expectations. 

The Cons

The online and multiplayer is where the game tends to lag even with a high-speed modem. Even with battle mode arenas and friendly matches, the online mode feels racked on and run of the mill compared to its campaign features. But this is a minor gripe that does little to take away from this heavyweight of an entry. Also, the story is very sparse in terms of exposition, taking place sometime after the first title. It does little to expand upon the Doom universe and could have used a bit more exposition. Nonetheless, Doom Eternal is fantastic and rarely misses the mark. 

The Verdict

Doom Eternal shines most brightly in its single-player story mode even with its lackluster online shooting. From its brilliant assortment of weaponry, beautiful visuals, and new enemy encounters, this game pays homage to its franchises past while attracting newcomers alike. On a 4K television it looks stunning and the breakneck speed at which its combat explodes never feels rushed or overwhelming. Doom Eternal is a gem in a genre that is oversaturated with World War 2 era zombie slaying. Truly a perfect sequel in every stretch of the imagination. 

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