Dragon Quest 11 Definitive Edition Review: Worth It Again

Coming nearly three years after its standard edition counterpart, Dragon Quest 11 finally makes its debut on the Xbox console in stunning fashion. Rather than a simple port of an already excellent JRPG, this rerelease features some stunning visuals, new content, and trophy support that makes it worthwhile to play all over again. Without a doubt, this is the essential Dragon Quest experience and one that fits right at home on a Microsoft console. 

The Pros

Right from the start, the first thing that sticks out is the newly upgraded 4K visuals that surpass the graphics from the original PS4 release. The game is simply stunning to watch as you traverse the various towns and landscapes spread throughout Erdrea. This edition also bolsters 60 FPS and the option to choose between the original In-game musical score or an orchestral soundtrack that adds gravitas to the plot of the game. 

The newly added English voice-over work is solid and overcomes the stigma of dubbed dialogue in foreign releases. New areas and maps are a welcomed addition to an already long plot. Included in this edition are expansive character-specific plots that literally add hours of bonus gameplay that make side quests seem unnecessary compared to the larger plot as a whole. 

In this version, players can switch between modern graphics and It’s retro-inspired 16-bit counterpart that makes this game feel like two separate titles in one.  A nice touch that caters to both newcomers and old school fanboys alike. The game never lags during combat sequences and the once arduous random encounter mechanic of past entries has been modified to let players pick and choose who they want to battle in the world map. This helps you to streamline the battle system while also help reduce the significance of level grinding on character development. 

Overall, Dragon Quest 11 Definitive Edition lives up to its namesake. With its combination of vivacious visuals, expanded world map, new character centered plots, and orchestral soundtrack, this refined version of an already great JRPG feels right at home on an Xbox console. But that does not mean the title is without its own share of flaws. 

The Cons
One main concern one can have with this game are its repetitive character designs and some key balancing issues that can turn off common players. Some bosses are nearly impossible to beat while others require embarrassingly little effort on the part of players. The world map too can feel monotone in some spots, especially when traversing blandly generalizations of woods and mountains that mimic other common fantasy tropes.  But these are minor gripes that do not affect the overall greatness of this brilliant fantasy experience. 

The Verdict

Whether or not you’ve played this game on the PS4 is irrelevant when seeing how much content  has been added to the Xbox port. From its epic soundtrack to its lush landscapes, Dragon Quest 11 Definitive Edition is a welcomed experience on Microsoft’s current console. The game truly feels at home when played in its amazing 4K display option and this is the version to play even if you’ve already journeyed through the world of Erdrea before. Very little can be said of the game’s flaws which says a lot for a game that seemed almost impossible to perfect three years earlier. 

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