Bill and Ted Are Doomed #1 Review: Fun

In 1989, the movie “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” kicked off a huge following. It created a sequel, a Saturday morning cartoon, a video game and a few comic adaptations. With the release of the third movie, the comics writer who wrote the adaptation to “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey” Evan Dorkin returns with a new series “Bill and Ted Are Doomed” with artist Roger Langridge. 

Taking place nine years after the second movie and before the third, Bill and Ted are married, each have a daughter and they still haven’t written the song that’s supposed to unite the entire world. Not to mention they’re seep in debt and other troubles related to some of the people they met in the previous two movies. 

It’s a plot the fits anything “Bill and Ted” related because Bill and Ted are not that bright and tend to mess everything up constantly. It also gives our heroes yet another chance to figure out how to write that song or face creating a future that is different than the utopia that’s supposed to happen. The only difference now is that both are parents and the characters from the second movie live with them. Yes, the events in the first issue are mundane, but this is where Bill and Ted need to figure out what they have to do. The only real issue with the plot is that some of the details don’t add up to what happened at the end of the second movie.

One example is Death says that Station and the Good Robot Bill and Ted are not part of the band when Bill and Ted clearly said they were at the end of the second movie. Langridge’s art makes the comic look like this is a new “Bill and Ted” cartoon. This is actually the best way to continue “Bill and Ted” since Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter can’t continue with everything “Bill and Ted.” In a sense, Bill and Ted are cartoon characters since they do come as a bit whacky. Not to mention the plots of both movies do seem like they would make great cartoons. Just look at the “Bill and Ted” cartoon to see how well it works. 

Despite the minor nitpick, “Bill and Ted Are Doomed” is a great read for any “Bill and Ted” fan and should be a great accompaniment to the new movie. It will have you air guitaring and saying, “PARTY ON, DUDES!” all over again.

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