Geek Girl Issue 6 Review: A New Turn

Ruby Kaye was a spoiled teenager who while in college stole a pair of glasses and got super-human strength. In a fight she was put into a coma and her friend Summer tried to pick up the slack. In untraditional superhero fashion instead of being grateful, Ruby reverted back to her old self and demanded the glasses back. However within the first story arc Ruby matured, made up with her good friend Summer and decided to become a superhero team with new teammates Kerry and Richard, The Whupper who discovers his abilities due to a life-threatening situation. All this is under the dubious leadership of Johnny Carlyle. In issue six of ‘Geek Girl’ things are beginning to take a turn in a new story arc. 

In the main story the super-friends are being delayed due to some unforeseen circumstances. Though they are able to live in their luxurious compound and get corporate sponsored that doesn’t mean there’s a lull in the action. For instance a man talks into a mirror and the mirror speaks back. There’s also the bad idea of Ruby loaning Summer her special glasses and costume. It’s bound to be a disastrous if not an entertaining situation. What’s more there’s a strain within the criminal community as characters try to figure out where someone’s loyalty lies. The thing is someone like Carlyle who plays all sides doesn’t seem to care about how he gets things done. He employs criminals to work for him while simultaneously forming a sanctioned crime-fighting group. Finally there’s someone who wants to infiltrate the new team. This mysterious woman and her friend are the most surprising of all. This cliffhanger leaves you wanting to know more. 

Voodoo, ghosts, loyalty in the criminal underworld all are streamlined narratives subtly packed into this latest installment of ‘Geek Girl.’ The seamless introductions to these new and ongoing storylines from Sam Johnson are added with the artwork by Carlos Granda, letterer, Paul McLaren and colorist Chunlin Zhao continue to be on point. There’s a scene where a group of men are sitting around a bar table. With each panel you see a battle ensue and as it continues the debris goes flying, fists and men are battling. The movement of each panel enacts real life where you can feel the tension.

New beginnings are usually filled with hope and wishful promises. But in this case the upcoming issues are going to be fraught with supernatural happenings colliding with the problems of everyday people and super-powered young people. It’s all sure to be wild and fun. Read and enjoy the experience.

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