Review Fix Exclusive: Thorn Castillo Talks Future

Review Fix chats with actor Thorn Castillo about his promising future in entertainment and more.


In 2019, just as his multi-faceted career was taking off, Thorn Castillo heard Robert Downey Jr. offer a sage bit of advice during an interview on photographer/director Sam Jones’ acclaimed multi-platform series “Off Camera.” The two-time Oscar nominee said something to the effect of “any type of work you can put on your resume is good.” 

This perfectly aligns with Thorn’s growing list of credits over the past year and a half plus, as the Northern Virginia based actor became a featured background performer as a mischievous ice throwing teen in Patty Jenkins’ upcoming film Wonder Woman 1984 (pretty cool stuff for a guy in his mid-20s!) and became SAG-eligible with his first regional commercial for Toyota. 

These appearances coincide with Thorn’s major breakthrough as the face of a new international brand campaign for Schick Stylist, an all-in-one grooming tool by the famous razor company that allows users to shave, trim and edge facial hair to customize their look. Thorn’s youthful, hipster look was perfect for a campaign featuring numerous photo advertisements and videos showing how to use the product. In addition to continuing to pursue his television and film ambitions, his success in this role primes him for more high level, GQ level modeling work in the future. 

Review Fix: What have the last few years been like for you? 

Thorn Castillo: Well, I was having a bit of success in acting and modeling traveling to many different places and to a lot of the same places such as Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and NYC then COVID came and stopped all of it and affected the business greatly also I was also working at Starbucks a bit before COVID and was a barista for a small mom/ pop coffee shop called Middleburg Common Grounds for 4 years before Starbucks. Now just trying to get back on my feet. 

Review Fix: What’s your typical day like? 

Castillo: My typical is always different when I was traveling a lot and wasn’t home much but now it’s just trying to get things going again and doing the best I can in my Financial situation but I try to remains positive and always thinking the best even I’m bad situations. 

Review Fix: Who are your influences? 

Castillo: Taylor Swift has been an idol since I was 13 but other big influences are Kevin Hart, Jim Parsons, Emma Roberts, My mom ( Karen Keller ), John Pallotta and my good friend Melody Hermoza. All are hard working very successful people each in there own business and in there own way. Never give up when things look bad and always remind true for there passion to me these are some of my hero’s I look up to in one way or another with a some of these being a attribute I admire and like in them. 

Review Fix: What are your goals? 

Castillo: If I can ever get back to where I was in acting and modeling, feeling that success and accomplishment again I would be happy and go beyond that to make it a career and a living, that’s my goal. That would make me beyond happy.

Review Fix: How has COVID affected your pursuit of them? 

Castillo: Well when all the productions stopped and I was out of work. Travel stopped and COVID affected many businesses and the lifestyle I once had. When stay home happened I stopped working at Starbucks and everything now just trying to get it going again is really hard. It’s starting to get better slowly and it will in times but right now my financial situation it’s really bad so if I make a little money at Starbucks which I can put into acting or modeling related expenses or even make the money from acting or modeling to put back into it that’s really great but acting and modeling can be an really expensive thing to invest into in many ways.

Review Fix: How does it feel to be working with Schick? 

Castillo: It’s great. It the best job I had experience so far from the people I worked with, to the places I went to like New Haven Connecticut and I always enjoyed going to New York City and to work with such a great product for a great brand. I often find myself thinking back to those days and how fantastic doing all that and the success I was having in acting and modeling. I couldn’t have gotten this great job with out Funny Face Today Inc Charlie Winfield and Jane Elizabeth that are amazing talent agents in New York City. 

Review Fix: What’s next? 

Castillo: I hope I get to work with Schick Razor again in the future and work with other major brands, products and projects, sky the limit as they say and see where it takes me and how far I can go. It’s been an amazing journey with its ups and downs that I continue on. 

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add? 

Castillo: I think they pretty much covers it all just waiting to see what happens next. 

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