Warbler BC – One Review: The Range of Rock

Rock and Roll can take many faces, that is for certain. However, most seem to stick to a set style or inspiration that came before them. Warbler BC takes Indie Rock and shows us its range in his new album, One. It is an album with an evolving aesthetic, showing us the many inspirations of Bruce Wayne Carl alongside his eclectic vocals, filled with power and emotion. Starting with the track “Starry Gown,” Warbler BC sets out to show us exactly what he’s got.

“Starry Gown” has a trippy, wavy intro. The soft piano offers a good sense of tempo amongst the warped, fading guitar wails. The vocals have a strong, contemplative aesthetic, complimented by the reverb lacing upon them. There are some great musical surprises in this track that keep you hooked to find out what’s around the corner as the guitar and piano begin to come into their own.  The outro is positively electrifying, with all of the instrumental surprises and hints getting a big payoff in an explosion of wavy, mind-twisting sounds.

“Don’t Fall In Love” is a track that shows off the emotional power of Warbler BC. It is contemplative track, with a dash of melancholy to set the mood. The acoustic guitar keeps the pulse of the track while the slow, contemplative violin cradles the sentiment. “When you remember that glen in her eyes, you’re sure she was the one” is just one of the lines that hits hard when the chorus comes back around to say “don’t fall in love too easily.” The emotion is palpable in this track, with the heartache oozing from every second. This makes the feel of the next track hit hard as it comes in swinging.

“Just what I wanted” is a much more aggressive track, even vocally. The in-your-face attitude embraces a vocal motif akin to Glen Danzig, but keeps the lid on it as to never lose the identity. The instrumentals feel very classic rock inspired, with some catchy licks and some poppy tambourine clashes to keep the feel authentic. Along with one hell of a guitar solo, this track’s got charm. This one will have you keep coming back.

One is a track that speaks to the musicianship of Warbler BC. It is a fine display of his talents with a tight Indie Rock aesthetic, showing off some undeniably inspired sounds that give each track their own personality. The range of emotion is also great, with the reverb-laced vocals going hand-in-hand with dramatic instrumentals to nail home the emotion when it needs to. Each track is dynamic and a feast for the ears of any rock fan, from brooding contemplation to head-bobbing grooves, One has got it all.

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