What is unityplayer.dll? How to Fix Missing Error

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A Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is a library used to store data and code for use by at least one program, simultaneously. DLLs are responsible for most functionality of Windows operating systems. When running a Windows program, DLLs offer most of its functionality. 

For instance, certain programs have multiple modules, with each module stored and distributed in DLLs. 

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For further illustration, Windows has the Comdlg32 DLL responsible for performing common functions related to dialog box. Therefore, every Windows program can utilize the DLL functionality to implement a dialog box that’s Open. This allows for efficient memory usage and code reuse.

DLLs support modularization of code reuse, code, reduced disk space, and efficient memory usage. Therefore, it ensures that Windows operating system and programs load and run faster, atop taking up less space on your computer’s hard disk.

Dependency issues may cause programs not to run if they use DLLs. A dependency is created each time a program uses a DLL. The original program running on dependency fails to run successfully if another program overwrites the dependency and breaks it. 

Microsoft introduced the .NET Framework based on assemblies to eliminate issues associated with dependency. 

A program is modularized into different parts using a DLL. For instance, accounting programs can be sold based on modules. If the module is installed, it’s loaded into the main program during run time. 

Program load time is faster because the modules are separate. Loading of modules only occurs when the specific functionality is requested.  

Moreover, applying updates to each module becomes easier, and doesn’t affect other components of the program being run. 

For instance, tax rates change every year. This means that if you have a payroll program, you don’t have to build or install a new program. You simply apply the update onto the specific DLL.

Some files in Windows operating systems that implement as DLLs include:

  • Control Panel (.cpl) files – each .cpl file is a distinct DLL.
  • ActiveX Controls (.ocx) files – for instance a calendar control allows for specific date selection from a calendar. 
  • Device Driver (.drv) files – an example is a printer driver that’s in charge of printing jobs sent to a printer. 

Advantages of DLL

Programs that use DLLs provide the following benefits or advantages:

  • Supports modular architecture 
  • Uses fewer computer resources
  • Eases installation and deployment 

DLL Dependencies

Dependencies are created when programs or DLLs utilize a DLL function. The program is susceptible to experiencing issues if the dependency is broken because it’s not self-contained. 

The following actions or conflicts can cause a dependency error:

  • A dependent DLL is overwritten with a previous version.
  • A dependent DLL is upgraded to the most recent version.
  • A dependent DLL is deleted from your PC.
  • A dependent DLL is fixed.

Other Errors Related to Windows DLL

Windows experience various dependency issues associated with different programs. Similar errors include:

  • D3compiler 43.dll
  • Xlive.dll
  • VCRUNTIME140.dll
  • Api-ms-win-crt-runtime- l1-1-0.dll
  • mSVCR110.dll
  • LogiLDA.dll
  • Xinput1 3.dll
  • Unityplayer.dll
  • MSVCP140.dll
  • D3dx9 43.dll
  • DLL file missing.dll

How to Fix Unityplayer.Dll Error

Solve the unityplayer.dll missing file error as follows:

  1. Restore the Dynamic Link Library File

Restore and install the library file again from the recycle bin. This method works for deleted unityplayer.dll files, not files that are entirely missing from your computer.

  1. Reinstall the Unityplayer.dll

If you don’t have the file at the initial stage, consider downloading, installing it, and restarting your computer. However, if the file is already present on your computer, but related programs can’t locate it, the file could be faulty and thus not executable. Uninstall the file and reinstall it to fix the issue and experience improved performance.

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  1. You can also run a virus scan, update your computer and use a registry cleaner. 

Windows 2000 and Later Changes 

Microsoft made certain changes to its Windows operating system to reduce the issues related to dependency. They include:

Private DLLs – isolates programs from shared DLLs changes.

Windows File Protection – Windows OS prevents unauthorized agents from deleting or updating system DLLs.


If you happen to observe errors like unityplayer.dll not found, unityplayer.dll is missing or failed to load unityplayer.dll file, try the above methods to fix it. You don’t have to worry about downloading the unityplayer.dll file because it is a safe file, and it is not designed to damage your personal computer.

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