Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood #1 Review: Different But Special

Edgar Allan Poe’s stories have been adapted into practically everything since the early days of cinema. Comic books is no exception with the plethora of comic book adaptations since the very beginning. One of the most recent comic book adaptations is the anthology “Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood” from “Ahoy Comics” and it’s more inspired by Poe than an actual anthology of Poe’s stories.

The first of only two comics (yes) and the only real Poe story is “The Black Dog,” written by Paul Cornell with artists Russ Braun, Andy Troy and Rob Steen, is a retelling of “The Black Cat” but with a dog and told by said dog’s point of view. It is similar to Poe’s story except the dog thinks what the owner is doing is good and is happy about it. This turns a suspenseful story into a comedy. In a weird way, that’s fine because it is funny. While the art does a fine job of making the comic look like a typical Poe comic, the dog is drawn in such a goofy way that you have to laugh.

Next is “Atlas Shrugged” written and drawn by Dean Motter with colorist Julie Barclay. Samuel Atlas is a paleontologist who found the lower jaw of a hominid. Problem is, a local reverend is trying to make Atlas’s discovery seem fake by quoting scripture. It’s an OK story with an ending that has a message that’s a bit weak. The artwork is the best thing about this story. Next is the first of three (extremely) short stories called

“Werewolf Hangover” by Brendan Mallory. Robert, a werewolf, wakes up in human form in the woods and he has to find a way to get home. It’s one of the most original werewolf stories on the market and the ending is so out there that you just have to laugh. If you want to see how a werewolf comedy looks like this is it. “Finally” by Matthew Sharpe is the weakest of the stories. Leon has trouble with love due to him having a steel rod in the middle of his body. He goes to a healing seminar to find love. It’s not worth talking about and would only be interesting to those who like love stories.

“Deep Cover” by Reed Beebe puts us right in the middle of a gun fight in a fast food restaurant between Bernadino Collective recruiter Donald Tillman and fast food worker Jennifer. The reason for the fight is pretty out there and the story does trick you into thinking the obvious.

While there’s only one Edgar Allan Pe story here, “Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood #1” does offer plenty to like despite some negatives. If you want the typical suspense from Poe’s stories, look elsewhere because these are more comedic which could turn off some Poe fans but are enjoyable if you give them a shot.

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