FIFA 21 On Switch: An Abysmal Nintendo Port

By now it should be no surprise that sports games on the Switch do not normally pan out well like their PS4 or Xbox counterparts. It seems like developers do not put much stock into the notion that Switch owners would love to play a competent sports franchise on the go. Fifa 21 is the latest subpar EA sports annual sports franchise to take the plunge into disastrous Nintendo territory and truly this year’s release marks the lowest point into the series’s long-standing fanboy anguish. 

The Cons

It’s difficult for gamers to comprehend hoe such a mainstream series could release at full price such a low-grade title. Facial animations, controls, and in-game cut scenes seem completely unfinished from previous entries. Merely the jerseys and tram rosters have been updated which is something that could have easily been fixed with an update patch. Visually the game is dated and player/coach facial expressions are downright laughable. Big names like Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi barely resemble their real-life counterparts. 

The game is also rife with microtransactions that deeply disturbs one’s intellect as a consumer. Why should someone be required to pay for unlocking team jerseys and new stadiums?  This is absurd considering the limitless amount of licensing Fifa has on other platforms for the same price. The Switch certainly deserves better, considering the last two FIFA’s were Subpar at best. But Fifa 21 for the Switch is disgraceful and fans should absolutely demand a major patch to fix the game’s many glitches. 

In-game player celebrations are nothing like their true to life imitations. Ronaldo’s infamous spin move is glitchy in the game and it feels more like a production design model than a realistic interpretation of the legendary player’s mannerisms. The lack of a full legendary players roster and golden point awards system is completely missing in this port.  Overall, if you have a PS4 or Xbox One stay clear of this port. 

The Pros

One bright spot in this version are the goalkeepers and overall AI of the product. The shot-stopping accuracy of goalies has vastly improved and computer-controlled teammates attack while also tracking more fluidly. Penalty kicks are much easier to direct which gives players greater chances to score or at least be on target from outside the penalty area. This is certainly one of the areas that EA has worked on in this year’s edition, and it is a welcomed bright spot in an otherwise abysmal entry. 

The Verdict

Overall the game is by far one of the worst releases in a long line of duds on the Nintendo Switch. The game is full of glitches and bugs that are inexcusable for such a mainstream series. Everything from its bland menu system that lacks any kind of innovative game choices to the banality of its core gameplay mechanics, Fifa 21 on the Switch is nothing like its high powered counterparts and it truly marks a crashing low point in what is already an infamously shoddy sports series for Nintendo.  

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