Stranger Things: Science Camp #1 Review: Fantastic

“Stranger Things” still has a huge following even after three seasons. While fans wait for the fourth season, there are still many ways fans can get their fix. One of them is a new “Stranger Things” comic story arc called “Science Camp” written by Jody Houser with artist Edgar Salazar.

After fighting off paranormal monsters Dustin decides it’s time to go off on a different kind of adventure: science camp. Here he experiences a different variety of bullies, other nerds and even a new a type of horror waiting for him. One of the things “Stranger Things” does well is it gives off the vibe that not only does it take place in the 80s but it feels like an 80s movie without going overboard with the 80s references. This first issue manages to encapsulate both of those feeling well. Also, this is one of the rare occasions that we see bullies who are also nerds and, like on the show, nerds are portrayed a lot more realistic than in many media.

Of course, “Stranger Things” does need some kind scary thing to it. This comic’s scary thing so far seems like an iconic 80s type of monster but there is a chance this might not come off as interesting. Salazar’s artwork is top notch. The characters look like the characters from the show and the flashbacks from the show look nice. The only minor nitpick is the camp looks generic. That could be due to the fact it’s pretty hard to draw a camp that doesn’t look like every camp in existence because the majority of camps do look the same.

“Science Camp” has the feel and look that fans expect from anything “Stranger Things.” While the new threat may be an 80s staple, there is still a possibility that it can fall on its face. On the other hand the “Stranger Things” comics have had some great surprises.

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