How to Bet on the Next Presidential Election

Bookmakers are happy to provide their members with a comprehensive offer that goes well beyond traditional sports. You can bet on videogame competitions, entertainment and even politics, with the presidential election ranking high in the preferences of many punters. Americans will decide the next president in November, so the time is right to try and pick a winner at one of the main bookmakers.

Online bookmakers and prediction markets

There are two main ways of placing a bet, with most punters choosing to bet on the presidential election at traditional online sports books. They provide the odds on all of the candidates in the race, which provides unique betting opportunities early on. Many online casinos in Japan are called オンラインカジノ ランキング and they are basically comparison websites. Now that only two candidates are still standing, the betting offer is more limited, although you can’t go beyond picking the outright winner. At the beginning of the campaign, you can also bet on whether the next president will be Republican or Democrat. This has the upside of granting players more leeway, by mitigating the risks when betting on a wider field.

The alternative is provided by prediction markets, which task players with picking a “yes” or “no” answer to a predetermined question. Punters are asked whether they believe Donald Trump will be reelected or if Joe Biden will take his place at the White House. They don’t get to tinker with the odds and simply have to accept the value offered, but the system is more straightforward. The downside is that you can’t have a little fun with prop bets, something that traditional sports books offer these days.

Special presidential election markets

The obvious choice is to pick a winner, but you can expand your betting horizon by focusing on special markets. You can bet on a candidate to win the popular vote, which is not necessarily the same as the next president. After the last elections, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but she lost the race, so it is possible to win the bet even if you back the loser.

Another way of betting on the presidential race is to wager on the winner of the race in a specific state. Deep red and blue states provide very few worthy options, simply because the odds are quite low. You can only tinker with Asian handicaps, by betting on the winning margin for the favorites. Far more exciting are the wagers placed on the candidate that will emerge victorious in swing states. These are usually too close to call, so in exchange of betting on a coin flip, you will be rewarded with higher odds.

When it comes to major political events, such as the next US elections, many bookmakers offer cool prop bets on individual candidates. You can bet on the number of times the president will utter a certain phrase during a conference or a debate. These are highly speculative bets and there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the outcome, but they can be immensely entertaining.

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