Mega Spins Slot Feature Explained

These days it is no exaggeration to say that slot games can come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes in the modern world, with the advent of online slots being mainly to thank for this. However, there were plenty of innovations even before the online slot explosion that casinos and developers were exploring in order to keep gamblers attracted to the overall slot gambling market. 

We could talk for hours and hours about the various special features that have found themselves in slot machines over the years, from the tantalizing progressive jackpots that can be found on the Las Vegas Megabucks slots, all the way through to the Megaways technology most notably used by Big Time Gaming. However out of all of these it is the Mega Spins slot feature that often ends up the most exciting. Read ahead for an article on Mega Spins slot feature at Easy Slots explained. 

What is the Mega Spins slot feature? 

So then, first things first: what exactly is the Mega Spins slot feature? Well, have you ever wished that the slot game you were playing could multiply into something that resembles several slots all mashed into one? We are sure most of us have at some point in our lives, and luckily enough this is pretty much exactly what the Mega Spins feature entails. 

Instead of just spinning one measly set of reels, Mega Spins slots allow you to spin up to 5 sets of reels all at the same time! As you might imagine this can get rather hectic and chaotic, however the payoff is that the prizes on offer are way bigger than what you would find on a normal slot game, by virtue of the fact there are a lot more reels, and therefore a lot more pay lines.

History of the Mega Spins slot feature 

At this point you are probably wondering when the Mega Spins slot feature was first exposed to the world, as it surely cannot have been an invention that came alongside Charles D. Fey’s Liberty Bell machine in the late 1800s. As you might well imagine, it takes some much more advanced technology to successfully create a Mega Spins slot, so the gamblers of the 19th Century would have to wait until this development. 

Mega Spins slots started to appear in the golden age of slot gambling, with Las Vegas having at least a few of these machines by the 1970s. With the invention of video slots these got even more common, however it was not until the online slot explosion that Mega Spins slots truly rose to fame.  

Popular examples of the Mega Spins slot feature 

Now we know a little about what the Mega Spins slot feature really is it’s time to check out some examples. Here are a few: 

·         Megaspin Major Millions: Now here’s a slot worth playing if you want to win big. Megaspin Major Millions has six separate 3 reel grids, each with 3 pay lines too.

·         Megaspin Double Magic: With Megaspin Double Magic you can play on up to 9 screens. Nice! 

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