Review Fix Exclusive: Kyle Klaus Talks Goals For 2021 And More

Review Fix chats with Actor, Entrepreneur and Real estate mogul, Kyle Klaus, who discusses his career and goals for 2021.

Kyle Klaus Bio:

While always working on building up a career in film and television, running from auditions to audition, Kyle decided to give real estate a try while in college. He quickly realized real estate it’s a great industry, and decided to take it seriously. As seriously as opening his first business in 2012, Prestige Properties, a real estate firm with multiple offices in NJ: In 2019, his team reached Platinum Level for sales volume in a single year in the state of NJ. 

Kyle is also the owner/founder of TNP – The North Pole, an online retail company. In addition, recently he’s been dipping his toes into the restaurant business, becoming an owner/partner in an American Fusion Dim Sum restaurant/flower shop located in Hoboken, NJ, called Touch the Heart.  While running successful businesses, Klaus can also be seen on TV, in shows like The Blacklist, Billions, Homeland, Happy! and The Last O.G. to name a few. Extending his creativity on & off screen, he’s currently starting up his own production company, and he’s also developing his YouTube channel, where he shares his expertise in acting and business, and everything in between.

Review Fix: What’s your pitch? Who are you? How do you sell yourself to people? 

Kyle Klaus: I am Kyle Klaus and I am the best person for the job. – That is how I carry myself in everything I do.  I am confident that I am the best in what I do because I’ve worked hard to get here, I learned a lot, and while there is still room for more, I’m the best you can get. 

Review Fix: What have been the hardest lessons you’ve learned as an entrepreneur? 

Klaus: Maybe that sometimes you just have to follow your instinct. You’ll not be 100% sure all the time. But you still have to do something. What do you do? What’s the best option. So you’ll just have to follow your instinct sometimes/ or often times. But that comes with experience. You don’t trust your instinct at first. Also I’m still learning how to delegate.  It feels easier to just do it myself.

Review Fix: How has that translated to acting? 

Klaus: In acting nothing is certain.  Actually, certainty is the death of acting. You have to be able to explore the unknown in a scene and take it moment to moment. Also – being an actor is somewhat like an entrepreneur.  To really have a career you have to be your own CEO and the only product is yourself. It’s not enough to just have talent.  You need to be a business person as well.

Review Fix: What are your goals? 

Klaus: To keep developing in my acting career and businesses simultaneously to the point where one day I can transition fully into acting, and have my businesses running themselves. 

Review Fix: How have you adapted during COVID?  

Klaus: COVID awarded me the opportunity to double down on business and my real estate endeavors, as well as some new business endeavors.  Acting came to a full stop from the very beginning of the COVID. While that was/ and still is very disappointing, it gave me more time to focus on making the best out of the real estate and other business opportunities.

Review Fix: What do you miss most about life pre-COVID? 

Klaus: Acting Classes and in person auditions, going to the bar and restaurants without thinking about it, and people.

Review Fix: What are your goals for 2021? 

Klaus: Do better in every aspect of life & career in 2020.  Start doing guest starring TV work consistently in acting – book a couple of good roles.  Grow my YouTube Channel to 10,000 subscribers and up; (I’m at 3,830 now).

Review Fix: What are you most excited about right now?

Klaus: Two things: I wrote a script with a friend of mine that is getting serious consideration and looked at by some producers in LA on the studio level.  So I’m very much looking forward to seeing what happens with that.  Also – I’ve been learning more about blockchain and bitcoin and have made some recent investments.  The more I learn about it the more excited I get. This may be the technology of the future, and change the game.  Just like the internet did.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Klaus: Taking it day by day, but I feel like some big things are right around the corner in acting.

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add? 

Klaus: Stay tuned and follow me on social media.  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube @kyleklaus I have a lot of updates coming up and would love to connect.  My social media is filled with motivation, positivity, inspiration, and life hacks I have learned along the way, and I’m happy to share it all with the world.

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