The Casino Review: A Bust

Love the rush of placing it all on double zero and hoping for that big win or clawing back from a small number of chips. Here comes The Casino for the Switch to help with the urge. 


The Casino is a mix of six different casino games, which all perform well on the Switch. The way the dice roll while playing craps or the reels spinning in slots all looks very authentic. Add in all the different music tracks, and we have a lovely old-style casino settingnthe adding of coin popping up the screen or stacking chips when you win a fantastic feeling. The Switch also brings touch controls to help add to the casino environment. Add in a customization ability for the cards, tables, dice, and music; you get to choose how you want it to look.


While the games play well, there are not that many to play. Out of the six available games to play, two of them are just different slot machines. Plus, we are missing many of our favorite casino games like blackjack or poker. Add in the round limit setting, which at most can be ten, meaning after ten rounds, and it put you back in the select game menu, making for an unsatisfactory experience. 

Although having lots of customizing in the game is excellent, the way to unlock it is not worth the time. Everything you do unlocks achievement in the game, which in turn open the in-game items. But not all items have the same quality. Most are just bland solid color background or color of things instead of the object itself like brown dice over a dice made out of wood. With three hundred and fifty-two achievements to earn, it is an extended amount of time before seeing anything of value.

The lack of modes hurt the game as well. Single-player is the only way to play with no option for local or online multiplay. A ranking system does exist but will no rules attached to it. The mode is just showing who has played this game the most. So as you sit there and play the same old six games with no change or challenge to push you to continue. 

The game’s visuals are very bland, which doesn’t help. The game looks pulled from a Windows 95 computer. All the casino games are a solid background with one or two moving parts. The camera also stays in the same place, so no action shots of the dice shooting down the line or the ball spinning on the roulette wheel. Make a bet; push the button, rinse, and repeat.


The Casino is not any better than the free version of the same thing on your phone. With being on the Switch, there are no ads, but with no big selection of games or mode, the push is not there. The customization and achievements do an excellent job of giving you something to strive towards, but the reward is not worth the effort. The game has the start of something good, but in the end, it is just a bust.

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