Replica Review: Nearly Flawless

Are you a spy or wanting the next Sherlock Holmes? Wake up in the world of Replica, where you can test your skills. You wake up in a cell with a mysterious phone in your hand. Solve the mystery of who put you there and what is up with the phone in your hand. We all have a smartphone, so do you know how to find all the secrets in this one?


Replica is so deep with content for being a game with such minimalistic design. Everything in the game, you use the smartphone, from setting the music to restarting the game. Now because of this, everything becomes second nature to control. The smartphone has recognizable features and apps. Now every App has a reason to be there, and you will recognize the similarities from what you use in the real world. You do think it’s a phone in your hand, not a Switch. We use a smartphone every day, so we don’t need a tutorial to play the game.

The sound design and visuals of this game are so uniquely different. While the visual is that of a 16-bit game, the music and sound design is so modern. The visual style helps keeps you on track throughout the story. So when you look at the photos, you know what there are, but not overwhelmed with useless details. The music also helps by being a mix of soft melodies, so you find yourself able to figure out the puzzles calmly. Add in all the smartphone’s realistic sound from the incoming messages and the vibrations when you are getting calls. For being such a small game, there is no shortage in the sound and visual department.

The story seems so simple, but there is such a deep story to explore in Replica. There are a total of eleven ending in all to discover, along with a bunch of achievements. With every ending having a different tone, it may even change the future playthrough of the game. The game does give you a helping hand, but you may also want to write things. There is so much to unravel in the story of Replica, which is the whole point of the game. Even explaining the characters and plot would give away so much of this fantastic story. Each playthrough will take you around 30-50mins, so being on the switch is an excellent game to play whenever you have a little bit of time on your hands. Plus, with so many endings playing this game multiple times is a must.


This game is so close to perfect, so it is hard to find something wrong. The visual may be hard for some to stomach because of the 16-bit look. With this game, the graphics are not a vital part and are more favorable than a negative. The only other thing would be the difficulty of the game. Doing the first couple of endings will be easy to complete. Whereas the other endings do become quite tough to do in the latter part of the game, So If you need to use a walkthrough, please use it even though we shouldn’t have to.

The Verdict

Replica will keep your mind running like a hamster wheel. While completing the game and getting all the endings will be only for the real spies to complete. The sounds and visuals make the environment so engaging; you will want to come back to see everything. Yes, there is a spike in difficulty to fully compete in the game, but don’t give up. Just like a real smartphone, the more you play with it, the more you unlock and see. Who knew a game with such a simple design would be such a fantastic experience.

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