Review Fix Exclusive: Danny Winn Talks Career in Acting And More

Review Fix chats with actor Danny Winn about his surging career and how COVID hasn’t slowed him down.

About Danny Winn:

The El Paso, TX born actor – who attributes his passion for diverse roles partly to growing up a military brat raised in three tropical regions, including Hawaii, Key West and the atoll of Kwajalein in the Pacific – didn’t name his film production company Dare to Dream by chance. Over the past few years, the former general contractor, who wound down his successful construction company to pursue his cinematic goals full-time, has been the living embodiment of his friend’s words, with close to 30 credits and films on his ever-bustling schedule through 2022. 

Review Fix: What did you do before acting? 

Danny Winn: Sold myself on the street corner..hey it is an honest profession!…He he

All kidding aside I was in the construction business. I started from a small remodeling business and learned along the way. It grew to a company that built homes, additions, boutique hotels and commercial projects. It was a sort of an on the job training/learning. In the end I was actually licensed to even build bridges. However the only bridge I ever built was the bridging of my career that took me from this business to entertainment!

Review Fix: Why did you leave that to go into acting?

Winn: A friend kept bugging me to get into acting as a stunt actor. He felt that with my personality and look that I could make something of it. I said look not looks…ha ha. I am definitely not a Clooney or Pitt type, but as it has turned out, I am a Leading man type. Soooo…going back. I held off from doing anything acting for a while. Most likely because I am a bit of a shy fellow. Well, this friend kept after me and within about a year I decided to dive in. I was at the point of lessening the size of my business and it looked like he was having fun! I took the leap and here I am…Ta Da!!!

Review Fix: What does acting do for you nothing else does?

Winn: Well it allows me to escape my reality in a sense. When we were children many of us escaped our realities by play acting. Oh boy my boy did I have many to escape..Ha ha Now I am a big kid who play acts. I can become anyone I wish to. That someone is a personality outside of myself. A character that may of course base from my emotions and experiences. But as a method actor I can then take this persona to some other place. Some other place, some other time, some other emotion. In turn I am also perhaps exercising deep seated Demon’s of my own soul. Doing so with an expression of creativity that harms no one. No harm, but hopefully the character will reach out to the audience. Depending on the film it may reach out only in entertainment, but hopefully my character may touch someone deeper.

Review Fix: What have been some valuable lessons you’ve learned so far?

Winn: I feel that list would be to long to express in any form. I learn new lessons everyday in my life. Past present and future. When I stop learning lessons I will cease to exist. I think the biggest take away from everything and anything is that a person must always strive to be positive. There is something to the glass half full or glass half empty theory. I, being very adverse to negativity will always see the glass half full. I may even have a tendency to see the glass overflowing. What can I say, I am a dreamer!

Review Fix: How has COVID affected your career?

Winn: This situation has not really slowed my career. I did have a few movies pushed back until next year but I made the most of my time. I concentrated more on promotion, submission, and self creativity. There is always so much one can do in this type of career to help enhance it. I also made a contact, and friendship with an amazing writer who has written some books with wonderful stories to be told. The incomparable Maria Harrison. In collaborating with Maria about roles our time developed to speaking about production. Now I have begun Dare To Dream Films. This film company will primarily concentrate on the feature film productions of several books that Maria has written. The first one to be “Tree Secrets”. You may learn all about this film, its production, casting, investment and more at as well as

Review Fix: Goals for 2021?

Winn: Keep on keepin on! …

I have several lead film roles to perform as slated. Perhaps more depending on the schedule of other production companies. Primarily it will be to shephard and harbor “Tree Secrets” through it’s production, submission to larger film festivals like Sindance and it’s theatrical release.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Winn: My next film lead will be in Sydney Australia. The production is titled “The Enemy is Coming” It is a futuristic sci-fi thriller. The filming will be in studio as well as on location at a very interesting place. Joining me as co- lead will be noted actress Jamie Bernadette who I have also cast in “Tree Secrets”. Production will be handled by Tony Lynch of Legend Studios and writer/creator Mark Eder of Shmengi Pictures. Both headquartered in Australia. You may learn more at www.the as well as

Review Fix: Anything else you want to add?

Winn: Keep trying to see that glass half full folks! Dare to Dream and make anything you want in life happen! I would love for you all to follow my career and these wonderful films. The best way to follow is at and You can find it all there! Even a fun fan page being developed on my website! Check it out and be well!

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