The Basics of Music

Music is more than RnB, Pop, Techno, Classic and the rest of the genres. Actually before you even get there, there are several other things that you have to go through in order for you to be able create that specific genre of music. And it is those things that we want to look at today as we cover some of the basis of music. So, put aside your online casino games at sites like casinosonlinecanada and join us for a few minutes as well we look at the fundamentals of music. 

Music 101

In order for you to be able to understand the basics of music, we will define some of the first few things that you will need to know before you start creating music. 

  • Pitch: This is the element of music that describes how high ow low a sound is. When using an instrument, take for instance a keyboard, you can press any key. From that key, count 7 keys to the right and the key you land on. The one you pressed at first has a lower sound and the last you pressed has a higher sound. This is the pitch.
  • Scale: A scale are the notes that music is made up of. And while a pitch has difference of 7 keys, all those seven keys are the ones that make up a scale. When played properly, over a great speaker, the sound is wonderful.
  • Rhythm: A rhythm is the consecutive arrangement of beats to create a certain sound. When arranging the betas, you have to take note of the silences as well, as well as the space that comes in between each of the notes.
  • Melody: This is basically how a song will sound in your ears. It is also, what makes music, music. This also goes in line with eth tune or the way that we sing a song. Songs are everywhere even at online casino games (jeux en ligne de casino) to keep gamblers entertained.
  • Chords: A chord is formed by three or more notes that are of the same pitch. Chords are the building blocks of blocks and they create the sounds that we love so much. 

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