The Falconeer Review: A Solid Xbox Exclusive

Developed by Indy studio Wired Production and created by Tomas Sala, The Falconeer is a wonderful aerial combat fantasy adventure that pits players against other warring factions across a vast array of islands in a fictionalized world known as Ursee. The game utilizes a variety of techniques that places players in a world that is highly detailed and beautifully rendered in a lush watercolor pallet that resembles Zelda Wind Waker in its greatest moments. With an array of abilities, customization options and a huge world map to explore, fans can truly feel at ease with the direction that Microsoft is taking with its next-generation console. 

The Pros

One of the standout features of this game is its effective control scheme that allows players to perform an array of moves during aerial dog fights in particular the immensely important barrel role and quick dives that are an essential element to defeating enemies. The button layouts snd trigger system help facilitate these movements brilliantly, with the smoothness of the Xbox controller the perfect interface for the game’s most intricate moves. 

The world of Ursee itself is beautiful to behold and each island scattered across the flooded world are unique in their appearance. Glacier-ridden snowy peaks litter the northern parts of the world map while the southernmost regions are characterized by beautiful tropical vistas and sand-filled landmasses. Sala and his team truly enriched the game by adding a sense of depth and lore to a genre that has traditionally been dominated by simple flight simulators. 

In terms of customization, The Falconeer allows its players to alter their mounts appearance, weaponry, and stats that have a great impact on how you progress throughout the campaign. From beast armor to explosive projectiles, players can have nuanced experiences each time they level up their character. Furthermore, the weather effects are realistically rendered with true to life elements such as fog or snow having an immersive effect on aerial combat. 

The colorful array of enemies that you encounter is astounding in their variety ranging from other bits like creature mounts to elaborate airships that dwarf your player character in comparison. Players can also go underwater and submerge their falcon into the deepest depths of the sea to look for hidden treasures and sunken cities. All this combines into a solid package and one that is worthy of being an Xbox exclusive. 

The Cons

One of the main gripes one can have with this game, and it’s a primary major flaw, is its lack of multiplayer and other game modes. Simply put, the Falconeer is an adventure game in the truest sense. Its primary focus is on its plot and exploration, which at times, can feel a bit lonely when one realizes how massive the world map actually is. Sala could have added some competitive online modes and possibly a multiplayer campaign that could have made the experience a bit more enjoyable. 

The voice acting and dialogue are a bit campy with some narrative cliques ruining the seriousness of the game’s tone. The music is solid but lacks the bombastic charm of more mainstream titles. Side missions are restricting and limited in their scope ranging from blowing up endless enemy islands to repeated treasure hunting that becomes monotonous after a while. But overall, The Falconeer is a great title that is even more amazing when one considers it all came from the mind of its creator Tomas Sala. 

The Verdict

The Falconeer is a joyous aerial combat game that mixes world exploration with fantasy elements that are a welcoming experience on Xbox’s new flagship console. Its customization options and visual aesthetics make up for its lack of online multiplayer and at times laughably ludicrous voice acting. For those ducks of Sony hogging all the best exclusives, here is the answer to your frustrations. Sala and his team brought to life a genre that has now become dominated by military-themed flight simulators.  The world of the Falconeer is a stunning visual splendor that is by far one of the most beautiful Indy titles to date. It is a worthwhile experience that is nuanced in nearly every way. Solid throughout and brimming with creativity, The Falconeer is exceptional in its reach and rich in lore. 

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