The Nesrallah Artuso Project: Wearing The Blues Review: True Blue

Today’s pop scene is filled with crooners. From the flashy Harry Styles types, to the soft Shawn Mendes style flow, there is no shortage of emotional weight when you turn on the radio. The Nesrallah Artuso Project’s first full-length album, “Wearing The Blues,” brings the emotional weight out of this comfort zone and back to its roots in the blues. With some groovy basslines, percussions with a pulse and twangy guitar licks this latest offering from the group is one to behold. Especially in times where collaborating in such a way is incredibly difficult.

The album begins with the track “Tell Me”. It absolutely nails the rambling blues style from the top. The groovy bassline flows through the drums and fanciful licks of the guitar, each having their own pulse that when combined feels like a beating heart in the track. The guitar solo that breaks it all down will have you moving as much as the rest of the track. With a groovy beat that picks you up and gets you moving, the lyrics carry the soul of the blues in lines such as “baby ever since you left me high and dry, you know all I wanna do is sit around and cry.” It serves as a solid impression to start the album off.

“I Can’t Help Myself” is a stand-out track with a ton of heart. It’s a much more heartfelt love song with a decidedly different tone when compared to the tracks up until this point. “I cross my heart and I hope to die, with each and every single tear you cry” and other lines like it are cradled with the slow, smooth instrumentals to put the emotion of the track front and center. It gives it a heavier presence when compared to the tracks that came before it. The emotion sinks in and leaves you with a strong impression. It gives the track a unique personality and gives a nice moment of contemplation to the album.

“The Runaround” is a track that has a ton of personality and shows off the wit in the group’s songwriting. This track leans a bit more on the country ramblin’ aesthetic but sticks with the bluesy tone in its lyrical prowess, with some lines that stick like darts to a dartboard. A song about a cruel love game, lines such as “went to see my doctor to fix this pain in my head. ‘I got no pills for what ails for what ails you, man. Need a lawyer instead’” hit hard and show off the songwriting chops of the group. Along with the signature upbeat aesthetic from the top of the album, this track is a perfect showcase of the band’s brand of rambling blues.

“Wearing The Blues” is no exaggeration and after just one listen, you will be too. The album flows well and never strays too far from the aesthetic it establishes from the beginning. This doesn’t mean it is a predictable listen, however, as the tracks unfold in a very personal way. It is a fantastic showcase of musicianship and storytelling that grabs you immediately and never lets you go. Packed with fantastic bass grooves, catchy lyrics, head-bobbing beats and sweet guitar licks, The Nesrallah Artuso Project’s latest album is not one to be missed. Make some room on your playlist because one of these songs is sure to be on it.

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