The society that fell in love with ‘Dark’ and similar TV series

The role of the media in influencing the general public is huge. Everything that people see invokes triggers and responses to it. There are changes in choices like food, clothes, houses, and even cultural shifts that take place because of it. Looking at streaming media, it plays a huge chunk of the above-discussed role. There is a new series that is introduced every time you open a site. This results in waves of different types of interaction and habit build.

The deep influence of different television series is visible when it is keenly watched. After the effect of the Coronavirus, people have been glued to screens of different sizes. One such series that has to be mentioned is “Dark”. The story plot and the concepts used in it have created a world-wide ripple. The mind-boggling twists and ideologies used have affected a lot of people all over the world.

Dark – How does time work?

This German series which is available on the Netflix platform has a very interesting theme. The story narrates itself about the weird missing of two children from a German city. The plot then unfurls showing characters who come into the realization of a cave series hidden in the forest near the city. Every time a character discovers the powers of the cave, then end up in a world that is ahead of their time or in the past.

This causes the characters to meet their future or past selves which leaves the viewers stunned. The looping of time in and out and the constant change of timeline leaves the viewers in bewilderment. The mystery around the Nuclear reactor and the cave keeps us all on our toes. The ratings for the series are off the charts.

This has greatly impacted the lives of many. It has brought up a huge interest in knowing more about nuclear power plants. The searches made on the internet say that people were keen to know if it is safe to have such a power station in the city. Other searches also say that they were keen to know about time travel and the apocalypse due to radiation leaks.

Interestingly, a simple dramatic experience on the screen can rouse such deep concern and curiosity in people around the world. It has done a good job putting the public to be aware of the dangers of having a nuclear facility near the city. It has put the people around the world on vigil about the issues that may arise from the same. 


It has been brought into notice that popular web shows affect a large portion of humans on earth. The simple and cheap availability of the mobile phone and internet spreads the same even more. The message conveyed by the series is imbibed by the people directly and also subconsciously. The chapters of the show “Dark” have made people aware of time and another phenomenon of time travel. It has also spread awareness about nuclear power generation and its related hazards. This states that the media plays a huge part in societies.

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