Top 5 Benefits Of Online Betting Plus FAQs About Online Casinos

Online betting is the new black when it comes to all-things-trending in the realm of online casinos. But how can you tell apart those that are legit from those that are, to be frank, only out there to scam you of your hard-earned money? 

From the experts of a trusted online casino Malaysia to you, here’s an overview of the beginnings of online gambling, and why placing your stakes in them will be to your advantage. 

Gambling: How It All Began 

We have collated a brief history of the sport, so to speak. The art, and skill, dare we say, of traditional gambling can be traced towards pre-written history. Before the era when humankind learned how to write. Before humankind fashioned a writing system. 

The six-sided dice (which is still something we use today, coupled with board game accessories) became a fad in Mesopotamia around 3,000 BC. Before then, astragalus was the name of the, well, game. Your pre-modern type of jackstones. 

Historians state that dominoes and playing cards were first used in China during the 9th century AD. The rest of the world followed suit with horse races, animal fights, the list goes on, and so do these conventional gambling mediums. 

Online Gambling: In-Focus

Now, online gambling? It’s a mid-90’s baby, and it is rooted in the beautiful Caribbean country of Antigua and Barbuda. This early period of online gambling was, at the time, very new. Thus, licenses for such web enterprises were far and few between, and difficult to acquire, might we add. 

But because Antigua and Barbuda upheld the Free Trade and Processing Act, the Caribbean sovereign was able to grant licenses to entrepreneurs who wanted to start this kind of gambling undertaking. 

Soon, the world would bear witness to another pioneer in the industry—Microgaming. Microgaming is a software company that ushered in what you and I know today as “online gambling” and/or “online casinos”. The “creators” of the world’s first online casino. 

From there on, online gambling (and a myriad of games and mediums), add to that sports betting amassed followers from across the regions of the globe. Somewhere around $45.7billion is 2017’s best numbers, as gained from online gambling, and this amount continues to increase to this day. 

Advantages Of Online Gambling

1. Convenience 

The times have been showing us a clear shift from manual to all-things digital and virtual. The same is true with regards to gambling. Live casinos are still very prominent, of course. Their bright lights and flashy plays are ever an invite to avid gamblers. 

Only, with the option of playing and placing bets online, people are beginning to realize just how convenient it is to do so. Log in from wherever you are (your bedroom, office desk, car, park, shopping mall, you name it), and that’s basically it. Start playing. 

Whether a desktop, a laptop, a handheld, a tablet, or any other similar electronic device— these are your gateways towards any gambling site.

2. Multi-Games, Multi-Sites 

In parallel to the first advantage mentioned above is that you can participate in multiple games, or be a member of, and play on multiple sites. 

First and foremost, there are no such regulations about limitations for players, in terms of how many gambling sites they can join at any given moment. That’s completely up to you and your gambling prowess, as well as time you are able to give a variety of sites. 

Plus, multi-games on multi-sites could equate to more chances of winning dozens of prizes. The sole limitation you will find yourself facing is your own funding. Other than that, you can choose to play for as many games as you want, and for as long as you can keep your luck up. *Wink.

3. Rewards Points Earnings 

Something that conventional brick and mortar casinos don’t normally have— the opportunity for players to stack up on rewards points and store them for long-term. 

Under roofed casinos, your play, the time you allot to every play, along with your available resources (hello, cash), is limited to how long you spend in the casino itself. Though casinos are open 24/7, on average, people spend at least a minimum of 4 hours in a single game. 

Then again, you will be bound by how much cash you are willing to shell out. And yes, even if there are ATM machines available in every corner. So, once you run out, the game’s over. 

On the other hand, some online casinos have an option for you to create and save an account, instead of playing as a Guest. This means that you get to rack up on points and other rewards. 

In contrast, should you choose an online gambling site without this option, it’s still a win because you can return to said site at your convenience, and start playing from the top yet again. 

4. Banking And/Or Top-Up Ease 

Once your cache begins to get drained of some serious dough, you can always transfer some more through online banking. No need to drive towards an ATM vestibule nearest you, spend time in traffic, line up for your turn, and there and back again on your way home. 

Top-up all you want via online transactions.

5. Promotions

Another reason why gambling enthusiasts love playing and placing bets online is because of the myriads of promotions one can receive when doing so. Bonus rounds for extra points, extra cash winnings, repeat plays, multipliers, etc. 

Additionally, there are a few online casinos that allow first-time Guests to play without having to put down a deposit. Or if this is a requirement, the deposit is typically quite economical. 

Final Thoughts: 

Whether you’re a first time gambler (ever), or have already been a fan of casinos for years yet are wanting to try out your luck and skill through online gambling, then you’re on the right track. 

Start with easy-cash, small-bet games, to get the hang of it. As you go along, feel free to cash in as desired.

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