Mobile Technology and its Impact on Gambling

Technology has undeniably propelled every industry throughout the globe – but it has had a proportionate influence on the gambling industry. With thousands of potential online gambling sites to use, it is crucial to understand the influence technology has had on gambling.


With online gambling sites and apps now optimised for mobile devices, there is an endless range of opportunities for gambling companies to provide their services to an entirely new demographic of people.

With apps being so easy to download and use, many mobile device users have turned to online gambling as a fun and quick recreational activity, due to the sheer range of services provided and the accessibility of each. 

No matter where in the country a gambler is, they can readily access online gambling from their phone, meaning this technology is taking gambling to new heights.


As briefly touched upon in the previous section – there is an immense array of products available to online gamblers. With every type of gameplay experience from slots to roulette, there is a gameplay option to suit everyone.

This has also created room in the market for more companies to develop a range of products to fit new niches within the market. As more players enjoy immersive and conceptual gameplay experiences, this is allowing companies to develop different games with themes such as Western cowboys, animals, and architecture – there truly isn’t a niche that can’t be filled within the online gambling world.

Bringing More to the Table

Online gambling has undeniably opened up doors within the industry, yet as mobile technology has spread across the western world, this has introduced new possibilities for gambling companies to create new gameplay experiences.

As mobile devices tend to be touchscreen, high resolution, and full of memory storage, new online gambling apps can facilitate content that matches these features. Higher-resolution often means that games can now be in either HD or 4K and can have amazing graphics which previously haven’t been attainable. 

Additionally, with most mobile devices being touchscreen, gambling companies can provide entirely new experiences for gamblers. With games that now incorporate this technology, gamblers can now enjoy a gameplay experience that resembles that of a video game.

Customer Retention

Online gambling has introduced more frequent customer retention due to the way in which it had revolutionised the gambling experience by providing gamblers with a more convenient gambling option – as opposed to traveling to their local casino or using slot machines in bars and pubs.
Gamblers can now use their phone to gamble and can limit their entire gambling experience to their mobile device, which means that they can access their gambling apps from anywhere in the country. This then means that there is an increased likelihood that gamblers will repeatedly use the online gambling services over the course of time due to the convenience they provide and the level of options there is.

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