Vaping For Beginners: Features And Other Cannabis Info To Watch Out For

About to take off from the starting line of dry herb and concentrate vaping? We’ve got you covered. Here’s another beginner’s guide on vaping cannabis. This time, we have a few practical to-dos you can easily apply to your vaping sessions. 

Aside from having to See vaporizer for beginners, try to observe these vaping instructions from experts, as closely as you can. 

Guide To Vaping: Important Considerations

Cannabis Strains Vs. Cannabis Products 

We have a more in-depth post which states the differences between cannabis, hemp, and marijuana. But here’s a quick rundown of each— cannabis is the main source. It’s the plant from where strains branch out. And from these strains, cannabis products, whether as single units or as extraction sources, come herbs, concentrates, and others.

On that matter, marijuana and hemp are drawn from the strains of the main plant (cannabis). Marijuana is typically from Cannabis Sativa and hemp, from Cannabis Indica. 

Sativa is known to have higher THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) components than Indica. In contrast, Indica has a stronger, more flavourful aroma than the first.

Vape Pens a.k.a. Portable Vaporizers 

For starters, one of the best options out there for you are vape pens. These portable vaporizers are pocket-friendly, lightweight, and will bring you no fuss in utilization. To further this, you can literally take them anywhere with you. 

Besides reasons related to portability, vape pens are an ideal device because their functions aren’t riddled with complications. You’ll have to understand temperature levels and how they affect the intensity of a draft. But speaking within the frame of the apparatus itself, these pocket vaporizers will ease you into vaping dry herbs and concentrates in a safe and effective manner. 

Know Your Vape’s Oven

The oven of your vaporizer is what allows cannabis products to be vaporized. This is where the vaporization occurs, through a heating process of either conduction or convection. Know the material of the heating chamber (another name for “oven”) of the vape you have in mind. 

Ceramic is a favourite because it doesn’t change the composition of herbs and/or concentrates. It is an inert material, which means that it has little to no active properties. Hence, it is able to maintain the original makeup of cannabis, even when heat (via vaporization, NOT combustion) is applied to it. 

Dual-To-Multi Purpose 

If you really want to get ahead in your vaping game, go for ones that are dual and/or multi-purposed. There are fresh brands that have come up with even fresher ideas when it comes to vaporizers— having an oven for both concentrates AND dry herbs. 

This particular feature is actually brand-specific yet has caught the attention of the vaping sphere because it’s a first of its kind— switchable ovens. In lieu of purchasing separate types of vapes, each one for concentrates and dry herbs consecutively, have a vaporizer that functions as a 2-in-1 in this regard. Three, in fact. 

Why? Because these modern vapes also serve as a receptacle for keeping your dry herbs from becoming stale, and until you’ve got the time to take out a whiff of them. 

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