Sick of Gambling with Money? Try a Bitcoin Casino

Online casinos have become reliable today but there still lurk common gaps and threats, akin to any site that includes online transactions. For instance, making payments or deposits or taking out withdrawals at casino sites can put your banking details at risk. Those who divulge their credit or debit card information at casino sites do it in good faith. However, these sites can fall prey to frauds and that puts your finances at risk.

On the other hand, if you use Bitcoins to make financial transactions at a casino site, security is guaranteed much more. That is because of the high level of encryption that lies at every step of the process. Also, many casinos make it profitable for players using Bitcoins, ensuring good bonuses and lower fees amongst other perks.

Here we explore different advantages that Bitcoin can get you when you join up a casino that accepts cryptocurrency:

Enhanced Safety

When it comes to standard financing options such as net banking or payment through debit or credit cards, you need to fill in all necessary details, exposing sensitive financial information. Hence, any compromise at the site can expose your banking details or card details which can make you subject to financial fraud.

On the other hand, if you opt to use cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin as a mode of payment, it will provide a layer of encryption added to the website’s gateway platform. When making payment using your cryptocurrency wallet you are redirected to a secure site where you need to key in a code to release your funds. Hence, a double layer of encryption ensures that your financial transactions remain safe and confidential.


How many Bitcoins do you use to make deposits at a site? What kind of returns can you expect or wins can you withdraw from the site? A Bitcoin website such as FortuneJack casino will provide all such information. Also, you get good rates as per the existing market value of the cryptocurrency. The higher the value of cryptocurrency, the lesser the amount that you need to spend as compared to normal currency. Hence, you can avail benefits of holding a currency of a higher value and spend less to gamble more.

Special Offers

This is another advantage that Bitcoin casino websites provide to cryptocurrency holders. Since coming across such currency is worth much, the casinos ensure that they make it worthwhile for such currency holders. Hence, they have special offers, including welcome bonuses for those who sign up with cryptocurrencies.

Also, withdrawals and other payment terms are kept beneficial for such currency holders. They are encouraged to bring in their precious currency into this page and get more value in terms of wagers, membership points, and other loyalty benefits.

Better Odds

Many sports betting sites make it profitable for those who can sign up using Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency usually holds a leading position in the market and hence, commands high value in casinos as well. Hence, if you are a Bitcoin holder you are sure to see enhanced benefits offered to you. This will include better odds as well.

If you are gambling at a sports betting site you get to bet on different odds as well as avail of free bets when you use cryptocurrency for the same. Indeed, customers who sign up with Bitcoin are offered separate offers and promos as exclusive benefits.

Benefits Against Money

When you sign up with your currency, you might face processing fees or conversion fees as per the country currency you use. Bitcoin on the other hand, usually gets all such fees waived off. Also, it commands a higher conversion rate as compared to other ordinary money currencies. Hence, for a single unit of Bitcoin, you can get several membership benefits at a casino. Hence, compared to ordinary money currencies, this cryptocurrency can provide you greater benefits at a lesser price comparatively.


If you have stored up some precious units of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, there are casinos out there that can help you get good value for the same. You can make generous amounts of deposits at the site, have enough to wager on many games and make the most of offers and loyalty benefits that the sites have to offer.

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