Split Persona EP review: Nostalgic Alt Influences

The early 2000’s were defined by their alt rock stylings. Hot off the heels of hair metal and British Punk before it, alt rock exploded onto the scene with bands such as Nirvana and bled into the future with offshoots taking root everywhere. Split Persona’s debut EP shows that they’ve done their homework in this field, as the influences of popular 2000’s hit right from the top with ‘Stay Away.’ It’s a defining track that sets the stage for the attitude of the EP.

Hard rockin’ distortion guitar riffs solidifies the alt rock aesthetic. The drums give the track the pulse that makes your head bob as the guitar reinforces it, making it easy to start head-banging whenever both guitars start wailing. The vocal performance fits perfectly into the aesthetic. Raspy screams help the longer and more melodic notes stand out among the high-octane instrumentals. With the deep bass echoing the deeper wails of the guitar, you have a track that sets the stage for an EP that rocks hard.

‘All Us Three’ follows with a creeping guitar intro that makes way for the slam of the drums, making the impact palpable as the track starts up. The bass continues to creep underneath while the distorted guitar-riffs command the power of the track until the vocals take the reigns. Lines such as “failure all separate… ‘Cuz I feel like I’m replaced, so keep me just in case!” Start with a raspy croon, only to explode in power. This is especially felt during the chorus during the powerful screams, especially the ones that come before the powerful, high-octane intro. The track that follows, ‘Keep It,’ is another stand-out track.

A much groovier track, with a guitar riff that dips and makes your head bob with it. A much more upbeat track than the others, with a vocal performance that focuses on a more harmonic offering that keeps the power at the end of the chorus when he hits “all of me!” The wailing guitar solo at around the 3 minute mark solidifies the eclectic 2000’s alt-rock sound that backs itself up with another chorus right afterward. Keep It adds a nice touch to the EP by giving it a rock anthem with plenty of head-banging moments that’s easy to get lost in.

Split Persona’s debut EP lets you know what they’re all about. From start to finish, the influences of 2000’s era alternative can be found all over the EP. Whether it be the screams among the distorted guitars on ‘All Us Three,’ or the rock anthem ‘Keep It,’ any rock fan will be able to hear the influences the band pays tribute to. Each track nails the sound and comes together to create a solid listening experience that can be enjoyed by any rock fan, or anyone looking for a modern take on classic alt-rock motifs.

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