Sour Bruthers – Cry No More Single Review: A Folk-Rock Ride

Heartfelt lyrics come in many different ways. They can be a slow crooning or an explosive burst of emotional screams. These different styles ride their own unique instrumentals to push their message to the front to create a defining sound. In their new single Cry No More, the Sour Brothers take a familiar path alongside folk instrumentals that will get you moving. With a folk music spin on familiar alt-rock cues, Cry No More proves from the top that it’s got a sound all its own.

The raspy vocals are powerful and make an impression immediately as the track starts. The folk rock aesthetic establishes itself from the start with a rambling guitar you’ll bob your head to for the rest of the track. By the time the guitar solo hits at around the 1 and a half minute mark, it will only add to your groove. The piano that leads the solo out is the perfect touch to pick the tempo back up to keep you moving. The harmonica gives a great accent to the emotion in the vocal performance, giving it a fantastic sense of depth to bring you into the track. Lines such as “I’m a victim of my ways, I’m barely breathin’” and “trouble is the only friend I’ve known” hit hard when delivered alongside the harmonica to give the track a unique sense of personality. The raspy alt-rock aesthetic gives it a nice edge to counterbalance the heavy lyrics to create a fantastic folk-rock experience that will have you moving out of your seat.

Cry No More is a track with a ton of heart. The emotion is palpable in the lyrics and the track never misses when it means to hit you hard, but these moments never bring down the mood it explodes with from the start. The feel-good air brought by the folk instrumental aesthetic will have you moving in your seat if it doesn’t get you on your feet. The instrumentals complement one another very well while still standing on their own to deliver some stand-out moments that are feasts for your ears. When it all comes together, it creates a memorable track that feels like a great spin on an established aesthetic. Any rock fan should give this one a shot and some may even find it stealing a spot on their playlist.

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