Clever Tricks for Roku Users in 2021

New to Roku and wondering how to get the most from the service? Or perhaps you’re considering joining the 53.6 million users worldwide and need to know if it’s worth the extra spend. 

If you’re in either situation, you’re in the right place. Here we take a look at what Roku is, who it’s best suited to, and how to get the most from your device or Roku TV.

What is Roku, and who is it best for?

Roku allows users to stream media — TV shows, movies, and music — from the internet to their televisions. It’s an affordable and practical way for users to expand their viewing options, and Roku also integrates with paid streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu.

There are three Roku options available:

  • Roku box: this device connects to your television and your home internet connection, either by ethernet cable or over WiFi.
  • Roku stick: these USB devices plus into the HDMI connection on your smart TV.
  • Roku TV: an all-in solution available on select television brands that removes the need for an additional Roku box or stick.

Roku is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to expand their streaming options. All Roku products grant users access to around 4,500 international TV channels, so you’ll never run out of things to watch!

While many of these channels can be streamed for free, you might have to pay for others. And if you connect your Netflix and Disney Plus accounts to Roku, for example, you will still need to pay the subscription fees. 

Roku is also a great way to streamline your streaming options. It’s a lot easier to have everything in one place rather than jumping from TV app to TV app. And of course, smart TVs still lack many of the functionalities you get with smartphone apps, for instance.

Roku tips and tricks

Ready to Roku with the best of them? Here’s how to get more from your Roku TV or device:

Access geo-blocked content 

Many paid and free streaming services restrict what content users can access based on their physical location. For example, if you live in Spain, you can’t access all the latest and greatest US shows and movies until they are made available in your nation. It’s a bit annoying given the number of spoilers all over social media!

You can skirt geo-blocking restrictions, though, by hiding your device’s IP address, a unique digital code that lets service providers know where you are located. With a Roku VPN, though, you can appear as if you’re anywhere in the world and watch that content whenever you like. 

Make remotes a thing of the past

Clunky physical remotes are annoying. While you might not be able to throw all of yours away just yet, you can switch to the Roku app and get touchscreen control. You use the iOS or Android app to browse content and aggregate your streaming services, but you can also use it as a remote. 

Fast forward, rewind, pause, play, and set up passwords and accounts with ease right on your phone.

Stay up late without disturbing others

If you live with people who are sensitive to noise, you’ll know that it’s near impossible to stay up late watching TV. Roku makes this dilemma a non-issue with its Private Listening functionality.

Through the Roku app, you can route audio from the Roku to your phone. Next, connect your headphones and watch and listen privately and quietly. Your overly sensitive flatmates or children won’t complain about the noise, and you can stay up and enjoy the show.

These tips are just the tip of what Roku is capable of, get connected and access a veritable world of content. You will not regret going to Roku!

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