DJ Vargo – Half Bad Single Review: All Good

We all grow. Whether it be through time, experience, or a combination of the two, we’re always pushing ourselves to be the best to get the prize at the end of the rope. Sometimes the rat race gets so real that we forget to breathe and take a look around, making it easy to ignore any progress that we may have made. DJ Vargo’s latest track, Half Bad, wants you to step back and appreciate the view of your life and the trials you’ve overcome. He does this with a sunny beat, powerful vocals and lyrics that will leave almost anyone with a smile on their face.

From the top, the guitar ropes you into the track and gets your body moving. The drums slam and cymbals crash as the guitar rocks on. When it settles down as DJ Vargo begins to sing, the guitar licks ending in a perfect twang and his powerful, raspy vocals standing front-and-center. The lyrics are powerful and sing to the power of growth, acceptance and appreciation. Lines such as “No redemption here, no souls get mourned” hit hard with DJ Vargo’s signature raspy vocals, whose power is amplified by some excellent backup vocals. The performance feels full of emotion that breathes life into the track, making each time you hear the chorus a time you’ll crack a smile and sing along. This is especially true at the end of the track, which brings your heart into the track as the guitar plucks dance on the drum that mimics your heartbeat as DJ Vargo hits you with one last “sometimes you catch yourself just staring off in space. Dreamin’ of everything you don’t have.” These powerful moments litter the track and make it hard to not give it a second or third listen. It’ll be even harder to fight the magnetism of the tracks’ sunny aesthetic and not sing along.

Half Bad is a stand-out track from DJ Vargo. It’s got an explosive quality from start to finish, from both the vocal and instrumental performances. The chorus and guitar riffs are catchy, giving the track an incredibly memorable quality, with some fantastic feel-good lyrics. The whole track speaks to the growth and musicianship of DJ Vargo, along with a sense of appreciation for the life each one of us is living and how tough it can be to find that appreciation, especially if you’ve got wild ambition. The relatable nature of the lyrics makes them hit hard to anyone who gives it a listen. DJ Vargo’s new track is an instant Americana classic that will find its way onto the playlist of anyone who gives it a shot.

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