How can I find out the slots return rate?

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When you spin a slot game the entire experience seems simple enough, but slot games are quite complex machines. Firstly, there are a multitude of symbols on the reels, and the number of different sequences they can create is vast. Each symbol has its monetary value and slot machines have to make lightning-fast calculations after each slot spin, or cascading reel drop, and any winnings have to be instantly credited to player accounts – try Jimi Hendrix Slot.

Furthermore, these spins have to be created instantly by the game whenever a player presses the spin icon. This doesn’t just involve the slot, it also relies on the Random Number Generator to help create the results from each spin in the first place.

Pay Tables 

On every slot game, you can find the pay table, and this informs you of the value of each symbol of the game you choose to play. Here you can discover which symbols pay the highest and the lowest and which symbols trigger bonuses or act as wilds. You can also find illustrations of how symbols should land on the reels to create winning pattern sequences. 

Return Rates 

If you want to delve deeper into the mechanics of a slot game and you want to discover the return rates of the games you play, then this information is also readily available. To find out the return rate of individual slot games, players need to take note of the RTP or Return to Player percentage score of each game and this is easily found in the game information lobby. The RTP percentage is worked out throughout thousands of slot spins. The outcome of each spin is recorded and analysed, the wins and losses when added together, produce a percentage score and this gives punters a guide as to how much they can expect of their wagered cash, to be returned to them over time from each slot. 

Can You Trust the RTP Score? 

The RTP is not a precise science and players should not expect to get back the percentage displayed exactly. You could end up winning far more or far less than the percentage score suggests, nevertheless, the RTP score is still a useful guide when deciding what games to play. The basic rule is that games with high RTP scores tend to pay out better than low RTP score games. The slot games also behave differently, high RTP slots contain fewer dead spins, and winning spins produce small but frequent wins. Low RTP score games contain more dead spins, but you can win large sums of money in one go.

What Return Rates Should You Look For? 

In general, games with an RTP score below 96% are thought to be average. Games that fall below 93% should be avoided and left to high rollers. Any games that boast an RTP score of 96% or above are considered to have a high RTP rating and these games are the ones that punters should concentrate on.

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