Review Fix Exclusive: DawgGoneDavis Talks ‘Boulders Weeping (Cry No More)’ And More

Review Fix chats with rapper DawgGoneDavis, who discusses her new single, “Boulders Weeping (Cry No More).”

Teaming up for the first time with former Gap Band member and gospel/R&B artist Dorian Paul, Rebecca “DawgGoneDavis” delivers another high impact, supercharged rap/rock message for all times. Decrying the tragic return of random mass shootings as a regular part of and stain on American life, she draws on her own sharp wit, brilliant song craftsmanship and wild turns of phrase to acknowledge our tears and create a hope-filled mission for a better, more peaceful day on her latest single “Boulders Weeping (Cry No More).”

Review Fix: How did you and Dorian Paul begin collaborating?      

DawgGoneDavis: Hellmut Wolf, my manager, in Germany, has the best networking skills and new connections with superbly rockin muscians.   I am fortunate beyond belief.   Hellmut and I automatically know who will be a perfect insert/collaboration into our harder rock songs.  We love the emotion of Dorian Paul.  Dorian’s passion is limitless.  Dorian and Chago G. are Hotties. 

Review Fix: What inspired this song?    

DawgGoneDavis: Pent up anger and dismay about the shootings in America and the World.  Then, we turn around and it all continues.  All roads still seem to lead to Rome…..of whacking and killing each other.  We lost a young man in our family to a random home invasion. We are crippled and a mental/heart mess forever……tears never go away.

Review Fix: How is it different form your other tracks?     

DawgGoneDavis: This song is two sides of a coin.  Dorian came up with his take on the lyrics and made the song far better!  The electric guitar solo by Romain Duchein knocks the sides off a hillbilly pool and we get swept away with the cool, guitar tide.

Review Fix: What does this track mean to you?    

DawgGoneDavis: It means we will keep creating massive rock and rap. combos.  We need to continue challenging ourselves with Hellmut’s Sax Solos; Romain’s on-fire guitar, and Jack T Perry’s always creative drums.  I played marching band, so I get chills with the knocking snare.  It also means somehow we have to stay away from the cruelty in the world and love one another. True Dat and Dope Dat.

Review Fix: What lyrics of it are you most proud of?    

DawgGoneDavis: “North, South, East, West…what an icky effing mess.” I get to sort of cuss, cuz I am P.O.ed!!!

Review Fix: How do you want it to affect people? I know folks will notice Dorian’s voice and messages immediately. That strength of Dorian actually makes me the happiest in this USA of crap shootings.

Review Fix: How do you think this track is a reflection of you?   

DawgGoneDavis:  It is not just musical and lyrical growth; it is amazing music efforts by the team with Hellmut composing.  It’s a reflection of me in that I will continue being bold and different (as I am blessed with cool, established big stars joining)’   

Review Fix: Anything else you want to add?    

DawgGoneDavis: Just thanks big time to Stephen Wrench for distributing the songs Everywhere; thanks to my pal Tom Estey – Publicist who somehow completely understands my quirkiness

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