High Variance Slots to Avoid Due to Prolonged Losing

High variance slots can be incredibly fun for players but sometimes they can frustrate due to the long time between payouts. There are some high variance slots which players should avoid due to prolonged losing – check out Chilli Heat Slot.

What is Variance? 

Variance is also known as volatility, it is a term that is commonly used in regards to slot games. Slot variance generally refers to how much risk is involved in the game, for example a slot which is said to have high variance is viewed as being a higher risk for players. The higher the slot variance, the more infrequent the payout rate will become hence the risk involved. Players who have a smaller bankroll should avoid slots with a higher variance because of the risk involved, it is very unlikely they will receive a win due to the infrequent rates of payout. Players who have a higher bankroll will generally prefer higher variance slots because they are able to better sustain the long periods without a win. 

High Variance Slots to Avoid 

Higher variance slots aren’t always the best slot games to play. The following are some slots with a higher variance that players should avoid due to prolonged losing. 

  1. Phantom of the Opera is a slot which was developed by Microgaming, players will enjoy the unique theme and soundtrack of the slot but the incredibly high variance is an instant turn off.
  2. Rise of Olympus was developed by Play N’ Go. It is incredibly nice to look at but don’t let that fool you, this slot can burn through a bankroll quickly thanks to it’s high variance.
  3. Donuts is a slot which was developed by Big Time Gaming, it’s high variance means that players should be looking to trigger the free spins feature in order to get bigger wins. However, players will find that this feature is triggered on an infrequent basis. 

Lower Variance 

High variance is not the only type of volatility that players will encounter, low variance slots are also common. Although it may not be immediately apparent, low variance slots present players significant benefits. 

●     Low variance slots are perfect for players who have a smaller bankroll. This is because they offer consistent wins for players as opposed to the more infrequent wins in higher variance slot games.

●     Low variance slots offer consistent wins but their payouts are generally much lower than average. Players who are looking to build their bankroll are better off choosing slots with a medium or high variance instead.

●     Overall, low variance slots are perfect for players who aren’t concerned with winning large amounts of cash. Players who want to see frequent wins and enjoy the experience will be big fans of low variance slot games. 

Final Thoughts 

Higher variance slots can yield much bigger rewards for players, however due to the possibility of prolonged losing, these slots should only be used by players who have a much higher bankroll. Sometimes, a lower variance slot is the better option.

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