The Secrets of Mel Gibson’s Transformation

The older we get, the harder it is for us to start playing sports and even more to get ourselves in shape. There are many reasons for this. That is why people of age, in good shape, always motivate. They definitely have a lot to learn, because, with age, training, nutrition and recovery need to be approached even more scrupulously.

Mel Gibson is now 65. At the same time, he managed to bring himself into excellent shape, despite his age. And now about everything in order.

Mel Gibson’s old form

If we talk about Mel Gibson, in terms of athletic form, then he always looked pumped up, but no more.

In the earlier years, the actor looked normal, and something special about his form cannot be said. Thin physique, just drisch.

But time is merciless to everyone. And over the years, the actor’s shape began to deteriorate. The actor’s lifestyle also contributed to this. The Hollywood star suffered from alcoholism.


As of today, we can see that the Hollywood star looks great.

What happened?

The actor himself answers: “it’s about nutrition

The story of his transformation is similar to the plot of the film. One day while dining in a cafe, he noticed fitness trainer Samantha Jackson, who also dined in splendid isolation. They struck up a conversation, during which Samantha said: ” Give me 8 weeks and you can lose 14 kg “.

A very daring task, considering that Mel has tried to lose weight many times. Even resorted to the principles of a raw food diet.

Samantha kept her word and Mel Gibson really looked amazing.

He had three meals containing healthy foods:

  • breast, fish, lean meat – these are proteins;
  • raw / steamed vegetables, rice, sweet potatoes – carbohydrates.

That is, a normal, healthy diet. Plus trainer Samantha Jackson is recommended to take best multivitamin for men over 60 every day.

What about training?

There is little information on the network about the training of an actor. Mel Gibson is fond of Jiu Jitsu, as evidenced by the actor’s Twitter photo.

Training in the gym is also no stranger to the star. I think at a fairly old age, the actor works mainly on simulators.


So what’s the bottom line? The figure of the actor, is it the result of training and proper nutrition? Or, after all, miracles do not happen? Write in the comments what you think about this.

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