Bloomfield Machine – Units of Uncertainty EP Review: A Certain Inspiration

Electronic music has many flavors. From the pop anthem styles of artists such as Zedd to the more niche sounds of The Glitch Mob, it’s easy to be swept away and into the greater world of creative synth play. Bloomfield Machine gives us a great taste of what’s ahead on their latest album, Units of Uncertainty, with an EP of selected tracks from it. Even on the first track, Cultural Treason, these instrumental songs show their personality right from the beginning.

The synths go wild in this track. After the intro, it adopts an ambient and atmospheric melody with a mysterious aesthetic. The song feels like it could have been ripped straight from a video game soundtrack as background music for a level, which is a treat for fans of that musical style.

The next track, MicroAgression, features a much heavier beat emerges from beyond the intro, with a hypnotic static sound to keep you inside the aesthetic. When it drops it around the minute mark, it transitions into a much more melodic and smooth sound. This hits an apex during the outro, where the bass begins to subtly grow underneath the spacey synth blips. It makes MicroAgression a track you can easily relax to and lose yourself within the beat.

From the top, Race to Indifference gets you moving with some solid percussion before it adds some dramatic ambient synths. After it draws you in, the rest of the instrumentals introduce themselves with a smooth transition that stays buttery throughout. The beat of the drums does a great job when working with the bass to smooth out the eccentricity of the synths to create a jazz-like lounge vibe. This makes it a stand-out track on the EP.

Following Race to Indifference, Unfavorable Semicircle begins with a gloomy synth aesthetic which grows more contemplative as the track goes on. This is another track that leans into a more video game style sound, as if trying to recall a moment witnessed in an emotional cutscene. While the track fully leans into it and owns the sense of dramatic melancholy it presents, it feels less robust than the tracks before it.

The Units of Uncertainty EP shows off a good variety of sounds to look forward to. Tracks such as Race to Indifference and MicroAgression act as great feel-good counterweights to the more cinematic offerings on this EP. Each of these four tracks has its own personality, however, and are hard to listen to just once. Any fan of electronic music should check out this EP, as its robust inspirations are apparent and impassioned.

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