NXT UK Power Rankings: Mama Said Knock You Out!

A mere four days ago the world got to see the best NXT UK has to offer when Ilja Dragunov and WALTER somehow exceeded the already lofty  expectations set by their first meeting and put on one of the best matches in not just NXT UK but all of NXT history! NXT UK did their best to follow up with more heat as this week brought us three different matches all with unique stipulations. But who are the top 5 superstars from that show? 

5: Kenny Williams: The self-proclaimed “Scum of the Earth” lived up to his nickname taking down Oliver Carter in the opening round of the tournament to be crowned #1 contender to the NXT UK Heritage Cup. With the falls tied at one Williams got the deciding fall in yet another creative finish after hitting Carter with the steel bottle Williams had to drink from between rounds as the ref was distracted by a turnbuckle cover Williams had removed. 

4: Aofie Valkyrie: With Joseph Conners locked in a shark cage (unfortunately on the floor and not suspended above the ring like living legend Enzo Amore) Valkyrie brought it to Jinny in their No Disqualification match beating her quite literally from pillar to post. Valkyrie had a great Irish Whip on the outside to the barricade where she actually ran with Jinny almost up until impact to really get full force on it. It looked so much better than the traditional one where somebody whips an opponent and they just run until they hit something for no logical reason. She missed a leg drop through a table at one point but despite working through a bum leg the rest of the match still pulled out a pretty great looking, but unnamed, pumphandle cradle driver type of move onto a chair for the win.

3: Rampage Brown: Despite looking like he’d play a Russian villain in a Cold War era territorial promotion the UK’s own was out to prove he was the hero on this night. I think. Coffey came across as the more dastardly of the two but Coffey was selling an injured arm most of the match and they did start and end with signs of mutual respect so the roles weren’t exactly clear as a new viewer to the brand. He finished the knockout or submission only match with two Doctor Bombs and a series of hammer fists for the KO. I would have said this match was great but the problem is just four days ago we saw…

2: WALTER: No, he wasn’t on the show. But the reign he had with the title, that started two nights BEFORE KOFIMANIA (!) cannot be understated. Yes sure his reign may have been aided by COVID throwing NXT UK for a loop but still, two years is two years! Especially for a modern champ. And that match was THAT MATCH! He earned this spot as we likely say goodbye to him on this brand. 

1: Ilja Dragunov: He actually did show up on the show, in a video where he talked about being the Czar and using his heart and his hands to keep the belt. The promo wasn’t anything to write home about but MY GOD was that match something to write, text, email and call home about! If you for any reason haven’t seen it, see it. And if there is a God and he likes wrestling one day we will see Dragunov and Sheamus in the ring to see who can be the reddest of all! 

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