AEW Rampage Power Rankings: High Gods and Low Wives

AEW was live…to tape for their final TV show before what very well could be the greatest TV card in the history of professional wrestling! Yours truly was actually in the building for this one and despite some very shoddy audio quality in the building all night we managed to (barely) hear an absolute gem of a back and forth pretty clearly. So let’s jump right in. 

Honorable Mention: Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega: Their segment wasn’t much but THIS MATCH IS SOMETHING! And Orange Cassidy. He was unsurprisingly slow getting to the ring when Matt Hardy and Jack Evans decided to shave an Orange Cassidy fan’s head but he did save the fan from further damage and in the funniest moment to not make TV Cassidy tried to lazily put the Cassidy fan’s cut hair back on his head. Sammy Guevata too for having the guts to challenge The Redeemer. 

5: Anna Jay: She got the win over The Bunny with a schoolgirl roll-up thanks to Conti evening the odds on the outside. Despite winning Jay and Conti ate knockout punches from Penelope Ford’s brass knuckle covered hand so it’s hard to put her any higher than 5. 

4:The Lucha Brothers: The brothers from below the border made their first title defense by successfully taking out former cohorts the Butcher and The Blade. Fenix never ceases to amaze me with the speed, balance and crispness he shows between the bells. Eddie Kingston’s best friend was tied up in the ropes by his mask but decided to abandon his mask and land a super kick to help Fenix reverse a power bomb attempt from The Butcher for a roll-up win. After the match former rivals of The Lucha Brothers Santana & Ortiz helped save The Lucha Bros. from an attack at the hands of Butcher, Blade and Private Party and in a moment that didn’t make air the 4 stood tall with their arms raised. We’ve seen these 4 go to war in the past so seeing them on the same side should be the most fun 8 man tag combo since FTR and The Young Bucks teamed up. 

3: Miro: As we learned in the pre-match interview Miro loves celebrating wins with his “God up high and wife down low” but now Miro has a steering wheel between them because he absolutely demolished Fuego Del Sol for the second time in Rampage history. Sol is now redeemed and Miro now appears to have his next challenger in Sammy Guevara. 

2: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D: These two women gave us what was in my opinion, AEW’s best ever women’s talking segment by a mile. This was one of the best verbal back and forths in the companies short history for anyone, man or woman. I’m usually leery of worked-shoot style promos that delve into real life because they can rely too heavily on shock value than content but in this case it worked. Baker had maybe the best line from either of them when she said “You did’t run away from anything Ruby. You got fired” Baker also took a shot at Soho still not knowing who she is and constantly getting new tattoos or hair colors just to try to fit in anywhere. 

1: Ruby Soho: We knew Britt was maybe AEW’s best women’s wrestler on the mic but Ruby held her own. She started by saying she knows exactly who she is but until now “Hasn’t had the freedom to prove it” She followed up by saying Britt seems like “every other broad” she’s stood across from because she’s “entitled, self-centered and banging some dude in the back” Ruby got a big pop when she said she was fired but it was the best thing that ever happened to her. She wanted Britt to look her in the eyes but she was surprised Britt could see anything “With her head so far up Tony Khan’s ass” and finished by saying after next week Britt can call herself whatever she wants but she won’t be able to call herself AEW Women’s Champion.  Britt tried to cheapshot Ruby with the belt but Soho ducked and got the better of Britt before running her off and standing tall with the belt. This match could be a show stealer next week on a card that is absolutely loaded with star power. 

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