David A – LIT EP Review: Deep and Bluesy

There’s always merit to exploration. In music, it can even be found within the genre you feel most familiar with. This is certainly the case with David A’s latest EP, LIT. Coming from his electrifying punk rock roots, this latest offering by A takes a deeper and more focused take on his music. From the top you can feel the change in pace with the first track.

If I’m So Strange begins with a low guitar that sets the perfect mood for the swinging beat the track evolves into. The vocals of David A are powerful with just enough rasp to give the performance an extra dash of personality. His vocals are delivered with a power that jams with the track and sucks you in. The track has an alluring aesthetic that lures you in and will make your head sway from side to side, with the guitar perking up the track that lets you lean into the track. The guitar solo brings it home towards the end, giving a dynamic edge to an otherwise mellow track. It makes If I’m So Strange have an oddly contemplative feel that melds nicely with the rambling rock instrumentals.

Following that is Balustrade, whose instrumentals waste no time drawing you in. The heavy percussion defines the beat before the bass comes in to cradle it. The guitar brings light to the track before David’s vocals slip in with a smooth vocal charm. He brings a bluesy aesthetic to the track, adding his signature raspy twist to give his chorus impact. The vocal range between the raspy shouts and the deep, bluesy edge is showcased well and has both styles layered on top of one another. This is all held together by some deep rock drums and an awesome guitar presence that builds itself up for greatness during the solo, showcasing melodic plucks alongside wavy distortions that creep across the track. It makes Balustrade an easy track to melt into for the aesthetic alone.

Overall, LIT proves to be an interesting and refreshing take. By embracing a more robust feel, he’s brought two tracks that ooze charm and personality. His deep, bluesy vocals make both tracks hard to listen to just once, especially for the rock fan. For those who enjoy David A’s wilder punk tracks, it’s definitely not one to skip over.

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