Dearest Abby Plays: Peggle Deluxe (Xbox 360 2007)

When searching for a game to play, the goal is always to find something entertaining. For some that means a challenging game with endless side quests and enemies to defeat. For others, that means a game that can be played casually to pass the time without much thought. It isn’t often a game can please a variety of players but Peggle Deluxe, more commonly known as Peggle, accomplishes that task. Peggle is a delightful puzzle game with themed stages and zany characters to match that will provide enough hours of gameplay to keep any gamer occupied and entertained.

The objective for each level in Peggle is to eliminate all of the orange pegs and bricks with a free-falling ball. Players aim the ball from the top of the board but once released, gravity and physics do the rest of the work. The level begins with a total of ten balls, which is significantly less than the number of orange pegs and bricks throughout the level. Players can earn additional points by eliminating blue pegs and bricks that surround their orange counterparts. Once a single ball earns 25,000 points, the player is awarded with an extra ball. At the bottom of each level, a ball catcher can be seen quickly shifting left and right. Should a ball land inside of the hole, players will earn bonus points and a free ball.

Each stage of Peggle has its own Peggle Master with five appropriately themed boards. These Peggle Masters offer a special skill or Magic Power that will help players defeat the level. Once an active ball bounces off a green peg or brick, the special skill is triggered. Some skills include Space Blast, Multiball, and, my personal favorite, Spooky Ball. Players must learn to utilize the skills appropriately as some levels have orange pegs and bricks that cannot be easily reached by a free-falling ball. Once all of the orange pegs and bricks are eliminated, the ever glorious “Ode To Joy” can be heard as the ball drops into one of five bonus buckets and fireworks explode in celebration. After completing five rounds with a Peggle Master, players are introduced to a new Peggle Master and a new special skill. 

In addition to the Adventure mode, Peggle has alternate modes which give the game a large amount of replay value. Quick Play is for players looking to enjoy passing levels without having to play through each Peggle Master. Challenge mode can be used to practice specific levels and achieve a new personal high score. Duel mode is played against the game’s AI or a local opponent. In years past, players could also connect and play with friends via Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

With no time limits, no repercussions for replaying a level, and little to no skill required, Peggle is an ideal game for beginners, casual players, or an avid gamer looking to earn some quick achievements. Peggle has three sequels titled Peggle Nights, Peggle 2, and Peggle Blast. Players can currently find Peggle Deluxe, Peggle Nights, and Peggle 2 available for download via Steam and Microsoft GamePass. Playstation players can download Peggle 2 and a variety of DLC through the Playstation Store.

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