List of the Best Football Video Games Ever Made

The popularity of football/soccer isn’t limited to live sports matches in huge stadia worldwide. “NO!” Popularity extends to football video games ever designed and played in the history of football and technological integration. 

Video games provide a chance for the individuals whose skill at an actual football match is not par to be good at and content playing online. Remember, football elicits extreme reactions from fans and players, and some even shed tears once the “Game Over” icon appears with explanations on the loss! However, whether playing the 8-bit version or going with the 3D models, you can play your selection of online slots for fun and get TrueBlue no deposit bonus or choose one of the popular football video games ever made. These include:

  • Sensible World of Soccer (1992 and 1994, AMIGA)
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (2005, PS2)
  • FIFA 21 (2020, PS4/XBOX ONE)
  • Championship Manager: Season 97/98 (1997, PC and 01/02 (2001)
  • Kick Off 2 (Anco, 1990. Atari ST.)

1. Sensible World of Soccer (1992 and 1994, AMIGA)

Football/ soccer video game players describe the Sensible World of Soccer as a “Way of Life!” The Sensible Software gaming software was an improvement and one of the best technologically advanced video games of its time. Its development was in the 16-bit computer era, but the game remains “timeless.” The game elements and gameplay still wreak havoc today for many players, and new manufacturers have to try very hard to top Sensible World of Soccer design.

The game employed 1500 football teams, and players reached 27,000 in total. Game designers and manufacturers kept their attention to detail, which included the smallest gaming mechanics on a football field. To help players in executing their winning strategies, the designers included “a bird’s eye view.” The view helped players plan and attack with swiftness and precision, not witnessed even in the most recent games launched and the latest technological advancements.

You could play the game within seconds of coming to contact with it, but becoming a master, could take hours or even days! It just shows that photo-realistic characters and several controlling functions don’t make a great football video game. All that is crucial is a devoted designer and a comprehensive understanding of the game and what potential players would love.

2. Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (2005, PS2)

The video game rates were 9 out of 10, according to Eurogamer. The ranks awarded the game points were the best football game “Ball simulation,” enhanced “Player Personalities,” and the best “Tactical Awareness” ever witnessed. Pro Evolution Soccer offers the greatest action for an online game with realistic gaming strategies and processes of an actual football game. Any individual willing to play a football game whenever can pick up a device and pay with minimal difficulties adding to its appeal for the public.

The gameplay emphasized passing the ball from one player to another, back and forth gaming battles between the two teams, and tackling the ball on the opposing team. The complexity made the game more interesting and addictive for individuals who desired to master it. However, a simple match would take more hours to master. Individuals had to learn the operations of the football field once again. Players had a chance to score from a distance of 40 yards, waltz through player tackles with a limit of five, and proceed for a tap-in after a score. However, you could never pick the ball and run it into the goalpost and inside the net on the opposite side of the field. As a result, the game becomes one of the most balanced in the history of best football video games ever made!

3. FIFA 21 (2020, PS4/XBOX ONE)

FIFA video games are taking a major market for football-based video games. Unfortunately, the designers and game manufacturers were more concerned with a winning formula rather than quality gameplay. The company’s version dated 2008, however, changed these dynamics. As a result, most of the recent releases had to follow the design. The video game was more realistic in showing player collisions, quality, and complex state-of-the-art gaming controls and replacing old gimmicks with new and improved gameplay!

In the 2020 video game version, little changes have affected the design, gameplay, and winning chances. The scoring and winning still take priority, goalkeepers tend to punch, and we keep wondering whether the gloves can still hold on after such abuse and grandstanding continues to be in style! However, it does utilize the latest technology; players can see everything with high-resolution images, and one can deduce every element in the game characters or players!

4. Championship Manager: Season 97/98 (1997, PC and 01/02 (2001)

It was the first video game to allow players to play or run “Multiple Football Leagues” simultaneously. The video game was a game-changer for many professional and amateur gamers. Individuals would spend hours scouting for players before bringing their teams into the leagues. Others would handle tactic development for more hours or weeks, and the bargain for signings was simply a marvel. It provided quality entertainment with the drama associated with scouting, singing, and tactic development.

The video game was so addictive that commentaries, advice, and requests overrun official sites and forums! Individuals would ask/wail for more gaming chances, and some would even wear suits for the official leagues! Can you imagine that! However, that is not all. Others would proudly take low teams for the league championships without worry and mark the occasion. In most instances, it was like claiming top casino bonuses, playing and winning millions all in the same day and breath!

5. Kick Off 2 (Anco, 1990. Atari ST.)

Amiga Format rated the video game 95% while it retained the title for “Football video game ever” prior to the launch of FIFA and Pro Evo. The main reason was that the game was the first to depict the football field on a video game with accuracy and include quality football gameplay tactics for players to enjoy. At the same time, an avatar would celebrate with you if you scored with a series of back-flips or star jumps adding to the game’s attractiveness. Game players get a feeling of being on the football pitch and the move!


The above-discussed games are some of the best football video games ever designed in history. These games have varying characteristics and unique features that ensure their rank on this list. For instance, Kick Off 2 introduced accurate football pitch dimensions and player tactics. Championship Manager brought multiple league gameplay simultaneously, and Pro Evolution enhanced ball simulation, tactical skills, and gameplay to new levels using the latest technology and much more. As a result, these are the best football video games ever made!

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