Review Fix Exclusive: Robbie Lakeman: World Record Donkey Kong Holder: The Retirement Interview

In a sudden turn of events and something no one saw coming, Robbie Lakeman returns to speak with’s frequent contributor Josh Onimus about his newest record breaking score again retaining the title of champion of Donkey Kong for the 12th time. On June 8th, 2021, Robbie Lakeman achieved a score of 1, 272,800, 100 points above the prior record. Robbie also took home two Kong off championships (Kong off 5 in 2016 and Kong off 6 in 2018) and scored top accolades in others. He is widely considered the best player in the competitive Donkey kong scoring scene.

We discuss his retirement from score submissions and the game as he steps away from a decade of seemingly impossible achieved scores in one of retro gaming’s toughest games. Fun Fact: His first score submission on the world-record-setting cabinet to Twin Galaxies was September 5th, 2014. He scored his 11th in total on the machine for the recent June submission. Robbie decided it was time to sell the machine, he signed it and it now belongs to a private owner. Enjoy our chat as it may be the last time he discusses the game that put him on the radar of all classic gamers forever!

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