AEW Rampage Power Rankings: Pac Steps Up

If NXT UK has become the after dinner mint of pro wrestling Rampage is the dessert. You look forward to it while eating dinner because you know it’s going to be a sweet treat. The main event this week was so sweet you may want to avoid it if you have diabetes. So let’s get into this week’s rankings! 

Honorable Mention: FTR: Penta came out for an interview but got distracted by 2 men in the crowd with the same masks FTR wore last week. He rips them off and they’re just two guys but FTR jumped him and held up the AAA and AEW tag titles before being run off by Pac. 

5: Malaki Black: After the main event the lights shut off and Black showed up to mist Pac before getting run off by Cody Rhodes. Black getting involved here felt forced just to hype up the Cody match tomorrow but if it leads to Pac v. Black at Full Gear or even regular TV I am very, very excited for that! 

4: Orange Cassidy: Powerhouse Hobbs hits a spinebuster right away for 2. Then he worked over Cassidy’s lower back on the outside. Hobbs locked in a torture rack but Cassidy escaped. A frustrated Hobbs carried Bryce Remsberg across the ring when he tried to break up his corner strikes and as Hook pleads with Hobbs to focus Cassidy locked in the mouse trap for the win. We didn’t get the siganture Orange Cassidy spots but we did see him fire up and get desperate in a way we haven’t seen since he was motivating Statlander at All Out. I can’t wait to watch what I can only assume will be Cassidy v. Moxley in the next round and Moxley continuing his path towards the dark side. 

3: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D: After a few pin reversals Anna Jay got Britt in the Queen Slayer. It was broken up via a distraction from Hayter but after Jay knocked her off the apron she got the Queen Slayer in one more time. Britt eventually got out and got the win via Lockjaw. Tay Conti cane out to save Anna Jay from a post-match attack and held the Women’s Title belt high but Baker still left with two titles; Doctor and Champion. 

2: Andrade El Idolo: He didn’t have his cronies at ringside to steal the win like he did in his first meeting with Pac but he more than held his own here and nearly got the win on multiple occasions. At one point commentary mentioned if they met 100 times the results would be 50-50 and I believe it. And while he may have taken the loss he left standing tall next to Malaki Black. 

1: Pac: This was another classic. We had a fair fight this time around as everyone was banned from ringside. We started hot with Pac hitting kicks, a German Suplex and a twisting dive to the outside all within the first minute. Pac grinds Andrade’s head into the mat on the apron. He goes to dodge a boot to the corner but Andrade nails him on the apron and follows up with a triangle twisting cross body from the inside to Pac on the floor. Commercial breaks weren’t even safe times to look away as Andrade landed a full speed dropkick to Pac sitting on the apron causing him to fall outside and then tossed him face first off his shoulders into the apron and followed up with the 3 amigos for 2. Andrade goes for a slingshot dropkick but Pac dodges and sends him crashing to the floor. Pac follows up with a hurricanrana off the apron sending Andrade into a chair in the corner of the barricade. He then lands a moonsault from the top to the floor for good measure. Pac comes back in with a twisting cutter and a Brutalizer attempt but Andrade breaks it up. Andrade lands a backbreaker and elbow dropping Pac on the apron and then hits a vaulting DDT from inside the ring spiking Pac on the apron as he leaned between the middle and top rope facing the outside. Pac crotches Andrade on the top and hits an avalanche brainbuster for 2! Pac hits a poisonrana and Andrade returns with the spinning elbow. The end finally comes after Pac rolls through on a Hammerlock DDT attempt and gets the 3.  These guys have chemistry on par with the Bucks and Lucha Bros. or Danielson and Omega. There are some guys who get together and make magic and these guys have each other. 

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