Dave Vargo – Fault Lines Single Review: A Strong Foot Forward

Achieving your goals requires work. Sometimes, achieving said goals leads to even more work, if only to maintain what you’ve earned. Fault Lines by DJ Vargo is the latest single from his upcoming album, and also a powerful and contemplative Americana rock track. The road to glory is one the raspy vocals of Vargo know well, which makes his latest single feel right at home as a solid entry to his catalogue.

Slow, somber guitar plucks are deep and feel purposeful as they introduce you to the track. This deep aesthetic carries on to the rest of the track as the continued raspy vocals of Vargo take the reigns immediately when he cries “crooked miles and exit signs, still so far to go.” When combined with the rest of the instrumentals, such as the deep bass groove and the mysterious guitar riffs, it creates a slow and contemplative beat that is easy to get lost in. This makes the explosive vocals at around the 1 minute mark to stand out as the first time the chorus hits.

While these moments are attention-grabbing, they fit in perfectly with the emotional and contemplative aesthetic of Fault Lines to keep its lyrical punch and Americana stylings. It makes the track have a fantastic flow while keeping the weight of lines such as “worked so hard for just desserts, still can’t take this heat.” When followed by a somber “hard to know which way to turn, what gets left behind?” Are hard-hitting when you hear them for the first time, making this nostalgic track one that feels both engaging and personal. The signature vocal charm and contemplative rock n roll instrumentals of Vargo don’t disappoint on this one and fans will definitely listen to it over and over.

Fault Lines is a fantastic showing of what’s to come for Vargo. As the second single off of his upcoming album, it leaves a strong impression for what will follow. The ramp-up into the signature explosive Americana rock stylings hits the mark perfectly on this latest track and is the perfect way to leave us all hungry for more. While it won’t make everyone’s playlist, Fault Lines proves to be a great track that stands on its own. We can’t wait to see how this track fits in with the rest of them on Vargo’s upcoming album.

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