Everything You Need To Know About Slingo

Created in 1994 by Sal Falciglia and Dave Lyons, the term ‘slingo’ refers to a hybrid game that incorporates elements of slots and bingo. The name is a portmanteau of the two games, and the pair created Slingo Inc to trademark Slingo games.

The game of Slingo uses reels, rather than a traditional bingo ball machine, to determine which numbers you mark off on your ticket or grid. However, there are no active pay lines like there are in slots, simply a single set of reels that spin to display different numbers.

As with slots, and, increasingly, bingo rooms, Slingo games may follow all sorts of themes, from classic slots to game shows or TV and film franchises. There are also lots of features that can be incorporated into a game of Slingo, such as ‘pick-me’ games, bonuses, points systems, and golden spinners – a form of in-game currency.

We’ve collated a few frequently asked questions to help you get a better understanding of the game.


Can I play Slingo on my Mobile?

Yes, sites such as https://bingo.paddypower.com/p/slingo-games have a full suite of mobile responsive Slingo games which can be accessed via desktop, tablet, or mobile, so you can play at home or on the go, whenever the fancy takes you.

Do I Need to Have Played Bingo and Online Slots to Play Slingo?

No, while players who are familiar with online slots and online bingo may find it easier to understand Slingo, there is lots of information available to help you navigate your first few games.

Does Slingo Have Different Levels?

Just as with slots, different Slingo games will have a different number of levels. Five Slingos generally wins you a bonus but a full house will get you the best bonus.

Can I play Slingo for real money?

Absolutely, just as with bingo or slots you can choose how much to stake. Sites have growing lobbies of Slingo games for you to choose from, offering a wide range of themes and different levels of complexity for novices up to seasoned Slingo players.

What are some of the most popular Slingo games?

Unsurprisingly, Slingo games based on the most popular slots, such as NetEnt’s legendary Starburst https://games.netent.com/video-slots/starburst/ Eyecon’s Fluffy Favourites, and Barcrest’s Rainbow Riches slots have proved to be a hit with Slingo players too.

There are also several Slingo games based on TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent https://www.itv.com/britainsgottalent and Deal or No Deal, which incorporate elements of the shows’ setup and extra symbols such as Jokers and Super Jokers, which act sort of like a wild in slots, allowing you to mark off more numbers, or even finish a line.

Whether you’re a seasoned Slingo player or someone who enjoys slots and bingo and wants to try something different, you’re sure to find a Slingo game that suits your taste. Plus, if lady luck is smiling on you, you could even walk away with a payout. Whatever happens, you’re sure to have fun playing Slingo.

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