Online Blackjack – Why It Still Attracts Players

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Online casinos continue to remain a popular option for casino players. That’s thanks to several perks that you would only find while you’re on a gambling site. And one of the games you’re certain to find available for your enjoyment is blackjack. That’s whether you prefer virtual or live dealer options.

Blackjack has a history that dates back centuries, making it a popular option for casino gaming fans. The same way you wouldn’t miss a table offering it on a casino floor is the same way you wouldn’t miss a version of it on an online casino. But what continues to pull players to this game with so many other gaming options available online as well?


Something that continues to make gambling sites appeal to audiences is their convenience. With online casinos offering blackjack, you don’t have to worry about the site’s operating hours. 

These platforms are operational 24/7, with options like customer support also being available day and night. So, regardless of where you’re based, accessing online releases is simply a matter of loading the site and picking your favorite blackjack games.

Another perk comes with being able to access your favorite titles from wherever you are. Rather than having to schedule time to visit a physical casino, you can take part in games whenever it suits you. And with mobile gaming options available as well, you don’t have to have your laptop with you to enjoy a few rounds. All you need is a portable device, like a smartphone or tablet that can access the internet.

Easy Rules and Gameplay

One of the main reasons players enjoy blackjack is how easy it is to play the game. The rules are simple enough for anyone to quickly grasp, regardless of the variation you choose to play. In general, you only need to create a hand greater than the dealer’s that adds up to no more than 21.

To calculate this, every card has a value attached to it as follows:

  1. The number cards have a value that corresponds to their original number.
  2. The face cards K, Q, and J, all have a value of ten.
  3. With the ace, you can count it as having a value of 11 or 1. What you choose depends on the value of cards you already have in your hand.

Low House Edge

Every casino gets a stake in the bets made by players since it’s how they make money. Also known as the house edge, this is the percentage value you can expect the casino to collect from your wagers after several rounds. You can also think of it as the game’s RTP. So, if a blackjack title has an RTP of 98%, the house edge stands at only 2% for that release. Keep in mind that this percentage is an estimate, meaning you may win more or less than a game’s stated RTP.

With online blackjack, players tend to have a really low house edge regardless of the title chosen. In some cases, that can go as low as 0.5%. If you manage to find the best online blackjack casino for real money out there, you stand to win back 99.5% of the bets you make according to

Several Tables Available

One downside with visiting casino floors to play is that you will only find a few blackjack tables available, depending on the floor space. But with online platforms, you can have hundreds of games for players to enjoy. With no space limitations to deal with, both virtual and live releases can come in plenty of variations from different developers all on one platform.

With so many options for you to choose from while online, you also get to enjoy varied table limits. That way, you can pick a game based on how much you’d like to spend per round. So whether you’d prefer to bet as low as $0.50 or as high as $1,000, you can.

Skills Matter

Unlike games like online slots, where your wins are based purely on luck, blackjack sites give you more control over your gaming session. That’s because this is considered a skill game. With these kinds of releases, luck goes hand in hand with your gaming skills. So, depending on how well you’ve mastered the rules and gameplay, you can lose less on certain rounds.

A good thing about this game is that there are also strategies to help you manage your losses. You can test them out on virtual releases using virtual credits to see which ones work well for you. That way, when you’re making real wagers, you don’t lose more money than necessary.

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