Review Fix Exclusive: Dre Ellis Talks Prophecy Comics And More

Review Fix chats with Dre Ellis, writer and creator of Prophecy Comics, who lets us know why we should check out their current Kickstarter and so much more.

Review Fix: How did you know a career in comics was for you?  

Dre Ellis: When I knew movies at this moment we’re going to cost too much to make. 

Review Fix: Tell us about your company…

Ellis: We are an black owned comic book company that focuses on black people being the center of incredible stories of all genres 

Review Fix: Who inspires you creatively?

Ellis: Life and wanting to see something totally opposite and new to Hollywood. 

Review Fix: How are your comics different or special?

Ellis: Because they will be an Experience and it will feel like your watching a show or movie but it’s in your hands. 

Review Fix: What about this comic? Sell us. Sell us hard.

Ellis: This comic will literally be like nothing you’ve ever seen before what I’m doing with this comic is taking a A Supernatural / Cosmic horror Action Thriller Revenge Story about about a black woman who plots revenge w/ a cosmic sledgehammer against a powerful group that destroyed her life. yeah this will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before like just imagine spawn the punisher and  this new show on Netflix called my name but add all that in with like that the supernatural Aspect and cosmic horror aspect because this is going to like shock a lot of people

Review Fix: Who do you think will dig it the most?

Ellis: Black people and just people in general that love cosmic horror and people that loves Action Thrillers and people  that loves revenge stories

Review Fix: How do you want your books to be remembered?

Ellis: Just like the name of my the company I want my books to remember almost like the Bible like their prophecy. they’re literally like could come true who knows but that’s how I want my books to be remembered. I want them to be revered next to the Bible and other  Legendary books

Review Fix: What are your long-term goals for your work?

Ellis: My long-term goals are to make my whole comic book universe and then make films and shows for my comic book universe because I’m a filmmaker as well and then just keep repeating the process and keep making books like I’m trying to be literally bigger than Marvel and DC no shade to them. 

Review Fix: Why should someone support this Kickstarter?

Ellis: I think they should support this kickstarter because I think people really want something new something fresh like literally like we been being fed recyclables  and like a lot of other comics are cool but like you know they still follow this core pattern of like you know how superheroes are made you know. 

Review Fix: Why should someone support your work?

Ellis: I think they should support my work because we are the future like literally we are the future like when they look at prophecy comics, they should see that’s the third out of the big two even though we are Indie right now. I feel like we are going to change a lot. I want to be able to pay the creators for their creations and do right, I wanna do right by people that’s it that’s why they should support us. 

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

Ellis: I will say is please give us a chance.   if this Kickstarter don’t work out we are going to do another one but it’s going to be a more feasible goal so yeah

Review Fix: What’s next?

Ellis: What next? If we get this goal in time. Issue 1, issue 2 , issue three , issue four and then new stories. I have new stories but I can’t do this without the people pushing me up. 

Review Fix: Where can people find out more?

Ellis: On Twitter

and IG

Here is the Kickstarter

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